Do you know that an effective on hold ads in real estate directly results in only 1 or 2 extra sales per year? Not quite the figures you’re expecting, right?

In fact, it doesn’t really matter. What matters most is how on hold messages significantly enhances your overall image branding.

Still not convinced? Here’s a realization to take in.

If you’re a real estate agent, first impressions greatly impact on your credibility and professionalism. That’s why youwear expensive formal clothing, drive a nice car, or do anything that makes you look sophisticated. It’s a form of steep personal advertising, a far cry from the cost of advertising you get from availing messages on hold services.

If the low cost of on hold advertising doesn’t convince you yet, here are the additional reasons that you need this type of marketing tool for your real estate business.

5 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Need On Hold Ads

1. Announcing Listing Advisories

Most of the time, your customers call you because they want to know where and how you can help them find their next dwelling place. Why not use the time they spend waiting for you to answer their call by airing out your current and secret listings.

Include real estate market trends and new pricing of properties in your area of focus. This may partially answer their inquiries before they could even speak with you.

2. Lead People To Your Website

Telling callers about your online presence, especially about your official website helps boost site traffic and customer engagement into your products and services. Don’t forget to convey user-friendly instructions on how to use your website for them to easily navigate around your online base.

With your site built for online users and customised on hold ads for phone inquiries, you are taking the image of your brand in the perception of your clients to a more professional level.

3. Educate Customers About You

Credibility does not only come with an authoritative appearance, it must be backed up by solid and stellar track record. Use your impressive previous performance in the industry as your arsenal in earning the trust of potential clients through message on hold.

Give your callers the idea of where and when they could possibly locate you such as your office address and Open House schedules. Remember that your callers are looking for real estate agents that they know they could trust with big transactions such as buying a house.

4. Notify People About Additional Offered Services

Of course, people are after your services basically to seek help regarding property buying. They’re calling because they want to know how you can really help and make things convenient for them.

Message on hold gives you the ideal opportunity to tell them about the coverage of your services. Offer information and solutions to frequently asked questions such as mortgages, commissions, referral incentives.

Or even the best loans your clients can avail in relation to your in-house financing. Other services such as where to get the best lawyer or carpentry and plumbing services can also be included.

5. Include The Power Of Testimonials

In order to be successful in the real estate industry as an agent, people have to form a relationship with you base on trust. One way of conveying your reputation of trustworthiness is by including the best testimonials that you’ve received from your previous clients in your message on hold.

You’re opening a side of you that’s already proven and established by others to potential customers. This would cement your image to your callers as they deliberate whether to push through with you or not during holding time.

Ads On Hold For Phone Marketing

As an efficient and cost-effective tool, messages on hold advertising has redefined the standards of marketing products and services.

Known for combining advertising and customer service, real estate agents can take great advantage with this type of marketing strategy. The high professionalism brought about by this economical marketing tool would surely result into new listings every month.

Your callers would never hear the same generic music of broken CDs ever again. With Smart On Hold, get innovative and reliable on hold ads equipment for voice over production, you are gaining a few steps forward from your competition.