We’ve all been there. The telephone receiver plastered heavily on one side of our ear for a couple of minutes. It seemed that the deafening silence we’re hearing would soon drive us to insanity. The anguish and frustration would start to rise up in our heads, and then we’d hang up. This is why it’s important to have the right marketing tactics in messages on hold. Don’t let your customers hang up on you.

Don’t let that trauma happen to your customers who are calling you for business purposes. Your business will lose more than what you think. I mean, seriously.

The telephone is the lifeline of your business.Using it to its fullest potential gives you a lot of advantages to promote your company. That is where messages on hold marketing come in, a specialty in which Smart On Hold is known in providing solutions to your business needs.

This cost effective marketing strategy gives you a defining edge in stimulating a call to action than using traditional media. As a savvy marketer, the messages on hold tactics listed below should be implemented into your marketing program.

Top 10 Effective Messages On Hold Marketing Tactics

1. Promoting Your Other Products And Services

In a span of 30-45 seconds, you’re opening a goldmine for your business. During the time that you’re placing clients on hold, they are open to making certain decisions whether to push through availing your services or not. By telling your clients about your latest or your most profitable products or services, you’re not only suggesting something into theirdecision-making process, but also potentially increasing your sales.

2. Cross-Selling Related Products or Services

This tactic doesn’t only boost potential sales on the part of your business, but this also integrates exceptional customer service. Not that you want to milk additional profit from a current client, insteadyou want to see to it that his experience upon using your products or services is at its optimum satisfaction.This is done through cross-selling accessories or small parts for your main product.

3. Making Your Brand Identity Known To All

Successful business ventures rely most on the identity held by their brands. A brand is a trademark that labels your position in the marketplace as being either a pioneer or a leading service provider to a market niche. You’ll gain trust and commitment from your customers by opening the gates of information about your companywhilst letting them be a part of your identity.

Incorporate your company’s mission-vision statement as well as your slogan in your message on hold. Don’t forget to include your years of experience in the industry to filter yourself from the competition.

4. Publicising Your Company’s Achievements Through The Years

They say nothing beats experience for along with it comes exceptional service expertise. One way for your customers to know that is by integrating it in your company’s message on hold. This shapes your company’s image into the minds of your customers during their holding time.

Information about your latest industry awards and recognitions, as well as professional associations with leading organisations helps boost a powerful impression for your business. The message puts a seal of authority and trustworthiness that reflect into the delivery of your products and services.

5. Placing Your Business As the Industry Leader

Imposing into your customers’ minds how your business thrives as an industry leader is one way of safeguardingthem from your competitors. This saves them time from having to scourge for other numbers in the yellow pages.The situation saves you from the pains of losing potential income. Having this kind of point in your on hold messages program lifts your chances of making your brand appear more professional and reliable.

6. Creating A Positive Atmosphere Through Music

Music, as we all know, evokes emotions that may affect a customer’s engagement into your products and services. These emotions lead to responses that may strengthen your chances of retaining customers while theywait for you to pick up.

The tempo and volume of your background music influences a lot to the experience of your caller.

7. Toning Your Voice With Your Brand Image

If you’re offering a professional service that displays sophistication or prestige, this is bestmatched with a voice that reflects what you want to cultivate into the minds of your callers. The same principle goes to other types of brand imagery that depend a lot to their target markets. To effectively find the right voice for your brand image, it’s best to identify first the style and voice of your audience for relevant reference.

8. Selecting Real Human Recorded Voice Than Auto- Generated Ones

It’s important to use real human voice in delivering the company’s message. Aside from appearing genuine in your pursuits of appeasing your callers, this promotes relationship between you and the customers. Utilisation of customised pre-recorded human voice adds greater value to customer experience. They will surely come to know that they will be soon attended by someone who is existing and sincere.

9. Announce Upcoming Company Events Or Breaking News

Announcing company events through message on hold acquires you more benefits than what you think. Your caller might have nothing to do on the weekend and upon hearing your enticing announcement, he may decide to join the event. This creates an avenue to make your customers get involved with your company’s cause. This builds closer bridges between you and your customers that were once only connected by your business transactions.

10. Presenting Fun Facts and Trivia Related To Business Industry

Giving fun facts is a creative way of keeping hold of your callers. This surprisingly retains them longer as they acquire interesting knowledge at a time they have nothing better to do but to wait. You should include trivia in relevance to your business industry as this will interest them into discovering more about the things that deal with the company they’re corresponding with.

Enticing clients to dial your hotline number is a battle not many businesses have won. Keeping customer loyalty and increased engagement during the call is another story. The tactics listed above help your business rise to the next level. Smart On Hold has been running its gears by using these tactics for 10 years. The result is palpable as SOHO remains the most reliable source of messages on hold services in the country.