Its clear that Social Media is here to stay … With 84% of B2B marketers using social media in some form, and 42% of marketers confirming that Facebook is critical in their business, with these huge portions of the market in mind, how are you making your customers aware of your social media presence? On hold messages can be used to promote your social media. Make use of your on hold space.

You can use social media in every business, I know I do at Smart on Hold Options. I communicate to current customers about our new competitions, getting ready for public holidays and other important events that are crucial in our market. But how do you get people to like your page in the first place? A great way we have found to increase our following on Facebook is to run competitions to our existing customer base, give them a ticket if they like and share your page.

So how can you let your customers know about your competitions, social media pages and other social events?

You can use word of mouth, that’s a great tool, but you’re never quite sure who you have told before or if they are going to pass on the information to their friends.

How about using your phone, that all of your customers probably use on a constant basis to make contact with you?!

Your phone system has endless opportunities to help you market to a captive audience! Don’t forget about the invaluable space that your On Hold can provide you through every call, transfer and after hours message. Get your phone system set up to talk to your customers with Messages On Hold – get your social presence known by mentioning it on here. Run Social Media marketing offers, add them to your phone system messages and away you go … Every person who hears your messages will hear your Social Media presence.