American Airlines have hit the news with a poor customer service story … Where a woman was left on hold for 6 hours; the customers on hold was quoted …

“IT HAS to be one of the most irritating things in life: You’re stuck on hold, listening to the same boring song over and over again, the line crackling as your frustration grows.”

We have all wondered “how long is too long to remain on hold” … Well I think this womens persistence and patience was broken at 360 minutes! Sounds like torture, with her being left to listen to 1 song … If only American Airlines had implemented a Message On Hold System that could improve the customer service being provided to their customers.

We understand that the airline was inundated with calls after bad weather delayed and cancelled all flights … But you never want your On Hold to become bad press for your business.

To read the full story of this bad experience of customersOn Hold, that will make any business owner realize that having an informative, custom Message On Hold can help in many situations, click below.

Women Stuck On Hold For 6 Hours