The Story Of Captain SOHO And His Adventures To Rescue Business Owners

The State of the Nation’s On Hold was in the hands of some master criminals. Unknown to everyone, evil is lurking behind the businesses phone system called THE SILENCE.

This criminal has put the phone system into chaos and someone needed to do something about the way businesses were communicating to their customers. There’s a gap in the Market and the lack of interest in the most cost effective channel known to businesses was being ignored and wasted.

So, in 2003 Captain SOHO decided he no longer wanted to hear dull, uninspiring Custom Message On Hold and Music On Hold.

He got bored of hearing competitors ad on the radio and of people committing the crime of not paying their APRA fees. He become tired of silence On Hold and being accidently hung up on, after falling asleep to the ice cream truck that he was being made to listen to when calling to try and buy products and services. So he made a decision…

He wanted to save everyone in Australia from the dreaded evil that was THE SILENCE. He knew that they could be telling their customers so much more. And so Captain SOHO was born. He took it upon himself to spread the word!

With his knowledge in the telecommunication industry, Captain SOHO knew that he had the power to overcome THE SILENCE and improve what customers were made to listen to EVERY time they were transferred or put On Hold.

Custom Message On Hold & Music On Hold 

Captain SOHO started his mission by spreading the word through personal appearances at local businesses at first. It was then he found out that the situation was worse than he thought.

He discovered that there were so many people that needed to be rescued from the evil On Hold that they have been living with for so long! And so he began explaining that he could help them defeat THE SILENCE through the power of custom Message On Hold and Music On Hold.

However, Captain SOHO was face by so much of THE SILENCE he decided to employ other passionate On Hold heroes. Making it possible for the Smart On Hold team to spread the word from Brisbane up to Northern Queensland and eventually throughout Australia.

They’ve rescued hundreds of business owners through their Messages On Hold. Empowering them with the ability to sell more products and inform customers of special events and offers. With this professional, customised service in place, hang ups were reduced and peace On Hold was restored.

Now, with over a decade of experience rescuing businesses from THE SILENCE, Captain SOHO and his team of Smart On Hold Heroes work together to spread the word across Australia.

Letting other businesses know that we can help them increase enquiries, sell products and services the callers didn’t even call up about and spread special offers and occasions. Most importantly, they’ll teach you how to use the best Marketing tool that each business already has and uses every day.

Smart On Hold – On Hold Messages Provider

If you want Captain SOHO and the Smart On Hold team to rescue your business, then make a call today to 07 3117 0700.

With this Super Smart On Hold team on hand, your Messages On Hold and Music On Hold will provide professional solutions to your business. By making your On Hold Messages your secret weapon, your customers will never fall asleep with THE SILENCE again.

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Smart On Hold has been helping business through the creation, supply and maintenance of professional On Hold messages and telephone recordings that get results! Smart On Hold is keeping your customers engaged on the phone and informed ahead of time.

Educate your callers and instantly increase credibility at the same time – provided 100% free of lock in contracts and backed by our No Questions Asked 180 day double your money back guarantee.