Ever put a customer On Hold and come back to a less than inviting customer? Want to try to put them in a better mood so that your team of staff don’t have to deal with these heightened emotions? Updating music on hold can bring benefits to your customers.

Well read on …

When you call a company and get put on hold, only to hear dreaded elevator music; you know that you could be there for some time. However, the unknown factor sets in when you’re being made to listen to air, off tune radio, or simply a track that keeps repeating on a loop …

This is an irritating experience especially if you don’t know how long you’ll stay there. So if you’re doing this to your customers, you should realize that this kind of monotonous music is being associated with waiting or complaining.

What Updating Music On Hold Can Do For Your Customers?

A study has found that if you play upbeat music to your callers, with words, their level of anger is greatly reduced.

The problem with a small business playing pop Music On Hold are the APRA fees which you are required to pay every single month. This cost a lot since it’s not a one off payment.

BUT there is a cost effective alternative to playing pop music to clients AND its definitely better than elevator music …

Custom Music On Hold For Business

Custom messages on hold about YOUR business; the best thing about Smart On Hold packages are that they all come with royalty free music as well as custom Messages On Hold. This means that NO APRA costs are required on top of your package.

If you want to read more about how updating music on hold could be doing to your callers you can read the full article about the study of customers anger levels here. 

Alternatively if you are ready to make the change to Custom Messages On Hold simply contact our team here; www.smartonhold.com.au/contact-us or 07 3117 0700