We all know that laughing feels good, but could it also be good when you incorporate it in your On hold messages?

The key to building customer relationships and brand loyalty is meaningful interaction. Meaningful interaction that happens when those involved have a mutually significant influence upon each other or have mutually engaged in a significant action. But with so much marketing noise out there, how can you make your brand and your company stand out in a meaningful way?

One of the best ways is to incorporate humour in your On Hold Messages.

Humour can be a great way to break through the noise. It triggers an emotional response from your audience, which makes funny messages more memorable. Think about your own experience: isn’t it easy for us to recall a particularly amusing marketing message rather than a bland, conventional message? Humour help creates a brands personality, which helps customers to relate to you on a human level.

Jacki Kwan, a Humour Therapist, defines Humour as being a positive state of mind and when it’s the humour is positive, it has the power to ease the weary body, rekindle the fallen spirit and unite people in ways never imagine possible (Putting it On Paper, 2004)

However, incorporating humour into your On Hold Messages or even into your marketing strategy can be a tricky business. Laughs are great, but what you really want is sales.

So, here are 3 of the most effective ways to play it for laughs without losing sight of the end goal:

  1. Don’t be controversial

On Hold Messages, Social Media, videos and even your website can all be appropriate places to inject some humour and show a little personality. However, don’t let that personality become offensive or polarizing. Your goal is to get people to remember your business or brand for what you can offer them, not for your views on something that has nothing to do with your product or service.

  1. Bear your wider Marketing goals in mind

Humour has a broad appeal, for sure. But it’s not a license to forget your target audiences and the messages you want to communicate with them. There are 2 things you need to consider; 1. What type of business or service you offer? 2. Who are the people/callers you’re trying to reach? Like any marketing initiative, do your research about your target audience, about what they think is funny and how can you incorporate that into your overall Brand Messaging and Strategy.

  1. Keep humour in its proper place

Humour doesn’t work equally across all channels. A joke that plays out well on Facebook is not necessarily going to work in a news release, where it may lower your credibility to customers who are looking for news and information about your business.

Those are the 3 main principles. So if you own a business and have ever mulled over the idea of using humour, and in particular within your Messages On Hold, the team at Smart On Hold can help you with that.

Here at Smart On Hold, we skillfully “knit the wit” into your On Hold Messages so your customers stay entertained AND hear all the best bits about your products/services. So when your customers call you, they will not only be glad they called you; they can connect more positively with your company image;  No kidding!

Just remember, when done correctly, humour can build rapport between your brand and consumers. It can create shared experiences between your customers and make your brand truly memorable. Just keep it light, to the point, apolitical and appropriate to the channel you’re using.

So what do you think about incorporating humour in your On Hold Messages? Will it be a hit or a miss?

Please let us know what you think by leaving your comment below.

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