Is Your Business Ready For Christmas?

Yes that’s right its almost that time again, the silly season is in full swing!  It’s when you are at your most busy and your customers usually require the most interaction and care too.

How are you making sure your customers know about your seasonal shut downs, seasonal offers or anything related to the festive season?

There are some businesses that really go to town over this season and we wanted to promote and talk about one of our customers who really is using their on hold message system to its full potential this December …

One of our retail customers here at Smart On hold when notified on email about being able to get a Christmas message that can be timed and dated for them got excited! It sparked an idea in their mind to run offers in the style of “12 days of Christmas” for their customers. And its brilliant!

Using our technology, creative writers and timing of the offers to match in store when the promotions will run, we have managed to turn December into a Christmas On Hold delight for one of our retail customers.

What I Learnt From This Customer Is … Preparation Is The Key!

They simply emailed me a list of the offers and I got my creative writer to work. Our production team got everything in place and now the customer doesn’t even have to think about it, because our up to date technology is able to time and date them all ahead of time; meaning we are all done with that task and the customer gets all the benefits with none of the Christmas stress.

Need your customers to place orders before a certain date? Let them know way in advance! Just like our customer did, you can use timed and dated technology to use your phone system to its full potential, not just for Christmas but throughout the year!

How do you let your customers know about your seasonal offers? Want to know how you can use this system throughout the year, not just over Christmas – ask our team today! Contact us or call 07 3117 0700 – don’t miss making the most of your telephone system and on hold messages in time for Christmas 2015. Keep up with the competition and get your business ready for Christmas.