Attention to detail is a key tool within any organisation! Here at Smart On Hold we strive to always pay great attention to detail – so much so that we guarantee it! Can you guarantee such things in your business? If not … Maybe these few pointers can help you and your business to do such guarantees.

The team here at Smart On Hold has strict protocols to make sure that their attention to detail is as great as it needs to be. One of the main being our phone and follow up with existing customers, its something that we do with every customer, its how we offer such fantastic Customer Service; resulting in our attention to detail needing to be so high.

So, how does this makes us different?

We learnt that no other business in our industry promotes their customer service as much as we do, because we know it’s where we thrive. We’ve added things like No Contracts, and this has made us surge ahead in customer service. Now Messages On Hold competitors are trying to catch up to the above guarantee.

So I thought, how can promote something Smart On Hold are really great at Customer Service and make it a positive thing for our customers?

Well – I guaranteed it! That’s right it makes us different, and we have always done it; so why not promote and guarantee it!?

Here are just a couple of our 8 powerful guarantees

We follow up our customers every 8-10 weeks; guaranteed or you get 4 weeks service free. – attention to detail is needed here, if our Customer Care Team miss out on a call, and a customer calls us not working, we loose money.

We guarantee to restore your service within 48 hours if it were to breakdown; guaranteed or you get 4 weeks service free. – again the attention to detail is needed here because we dont want our customers to have any down town, because if they do, we have to give them free time.

All of our guarantees are created to ensure and give our customers peace of mind when they come on board with Smart On Hold.

How Can This Work In Your Business?

What things is your business good at – how can you ensure and guarantee such things in your business? It really will make you stand out from the crowd!

Do you do something different to your competitors?

Do you offer guarantees?

Do you have outstanding customer service?

If you do, then why not promote it; its your point of difference and can get your customers to feel at ease too as they know you’re on top of your game.

Now you know what we guarantee …

Here’s how we internally guarantee to provide customer service to our customers, using our attention to detail;

Take notes: many times a prospective or current customer has called and they request something specific, we don’t rely on our memory – WE ALL TAKE NOTES! These are a very important feature of any business; it means you can recall everything that happens with each of your customers. Whenever they say something did or didn’t happen, you have the notes to prove it.

CRM – managing our customers data effectively: we have implemented a detailed CRM – Infusion Soft here at Smart On Hold as a tool to document every interaction with our customers, as we believe attention to detail is vital in providing customer service.

Communication: This is key between our team members, helping each other out and knowing what is going on in your surroundings is a great trait that all of our team carry.

How do you keep your business image and communication a priority with your customers? Does your attention to detail need to be improved? Or maybe it’s already really good – if so promote it.