I was walking down the street when I noticed something revolutionary and I thought that has solved one product/service that has been in ultimate decline over the last few decades …

Those old telephone booths

Back when I was a child my dad used to do maintenance on these phone boxes, we used them to call home or a family member when someone was using the house phone; they were used by everyone in my street. But with the increase in mobile phones, the need for these phone booths has declined; so much so that they needed to think quick about how they can become useful again, as they are not only a tool customers used to used daily, but they are a Marketing tool, providing their brand on many streets – everywhere you look.

This issue highlighted how “People in business need to move with the times”, if you get left behind, catching up is going to not only cost you time but money and could even cost you customers for your business.

Moving with the times, is something big businesses know all about, and it’s something that smaller businesses need learn and put into practice as soon as they can. Taking for example the telephone booth I spotted, which is no longer being used for its primary use!

I have seen a few examples of how these boxes have been able to keep up with the times all over the world …

  • The one i saw had been turned into a WIFI hot spot – giving users of this companies network the ability to use their network for free data
  • London have turned them into “solar boxes” perfect places, then turning that solar power into an outlet to charge your items when in you need to on the go.
  • New York has made them into mini mobile libraries, bringing back the sense of community again.

I thought these were all great ways to show how, rather than simply giving up and admitting defeat in this heavily mobile populated industry, they are now being used just as much as before, in particular the WIFI hot spots, by younger generations that have probably never used them for their primary use!

What we here at Smart On Hold have learnt is that we have had to “keep up with the times” with some similar changes in the telephone industry. To stay ahead in our market our technical team are constantly working out new ways to provide our custom On Hold Messages to our customers, with new VOIP systems being invented and popular in comparison to old telephone systems that are becoming less popular within larger businesses especially.

What we can learn from this is …

Any business, no matter its size, can and needs to keep up with its target audiences needs and the industries requirements if they want to survive; you just need to get creative and make your product/service work with the new market/industry changes that are happening.

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