You went through the Sales & Marketing process to win your customer’s business; now you need to retain them. We know that retaining an existing customer is 8-10 times more cost effective than trying to win a new one. On top of this, is the ripple effect that good versus bad customer reviews and word of mouth can have on your business proving why retaining a good customer and resolving any bad customer reviews is essential!

Remember that customers who are …

HAPPY: will tell on average 2-3 people about their GOOD experience.

UNHAPPY: will tell on average 8-10 people about their BAD experience, even up to 20!

You must have a procedure in place in Business to deal with a customer who may have had a bad experience or poor Customer Service with your business.

My personal poor Customer Service experience & how it was resolved:

After receiving a poor meal at a restaurant I have been going to for many years. I asked a member of staff about this meal and he simply didn’t care. I told him not to worry about it and was ready to simply complain, leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I instantly emailed management to air my concerns and that I would not be returning to dine there after many years. Seeing as the staff on the night didn’t want to resolve my issue. I was instantly emailed back, offered a complimentary meal to see if they could change my mind about returning to the restaurant and that the member of staff had been spoken too.

Perfect – acknowledgment of the problem, not denial and a chance for them to fix it and to stop me spreading my “unhappy customer” views to my friends and others who also dined there.

There are two ways this situation could have been dealt with …

  1. As above – welcoming me back, apologetic and wanting to regain my loyalty …


  1. By not “putting the customer first”, denying they were in the wrong etc.

By offering a solution in a timely manner, they have proceeded to show me this was a one off and that they really cared about my custom.

Here at Smart On Hold anyone that is not happy with any part of their On hold Messaging service, for any reason, is contacted immediately by our customer care team and a custom solution is provided, we know how important personalised service is here at Smart On Hold so we value each of our customers. We are the ONLY On Hold Company that doesn’t lock our customers into Contracts we retain our On Hold Customers with excellent Customer Service and first class On hold Messaging.

In conclusion, the way you deal with your customers whether good or bad, can reflect on your business and you as a person and business owner. Be sure to take your customer service seriously. 80% of customers will come back to your business if you fix their issues in the right way; as shown in my example personally above. This gives you a big opportunity to use Customer Service to fix up any issues you may have had in your business.

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