Have you heard of how ridiculously fun Google’s offices are? With their slides, aquariums, pool tables, games rooms and bowling alleys they put most other corporate offices to shame. It’s one of the most relaxed and welcoming office environment you’ll ever see. If you work in a dull corporate office environment every day, it’s quite likely that you wish your office space was a little more inviting, comfortable and relaxed.

Imagine how great it would feel to look forward to the comforts of your office the way you look forward those at your home. Well, this isn’t impossible. You don’t need slides or a bowling alley to create a nice working environment that your staff will enjoy coming to each day.

How To Create Relaxed & Welcoming Office Environment?

Here are some tips for creating a welcoming and relaxed office environment – no billion dollar budget required:

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Add Personality

Your office space should reflect the personality of your company and its employees. Don’t be afraid to deck out the office with personal items, photographs, artwork, posters, vibrant stationery, indoor basketball hoops, unique knick knacks, antiques – anything that adds a bit of humour and vibrancy and communicates the culture of your team. Try to avoid putting up cookie-cutter office style artwork or cliched motivational quotes, as this can appear insincere and uninspired.

2. Go Green

eco-friendly office


Adding a touch (or multiple touches!) of nature to your office can prevent it from appearing sterile and cold. Plants, flowers, a water fountain or even an aquarium can all add a touch of nature and freshness to your office space. A major benefit of adding plants is that they refresh office air, which can quickly become stale due to aircon and lack of ventilation. You can even equip each desk with a little plant that not only looks great but can also be used as a paperweight (like in the image above). One tip though… try to avoid fake plants, as these can easily appear tacky and pointless.

3. Add Colour

Most corporate offices are predominantly grey, white or beige, so adding splashes of colour can instantly lift the environment, add personality and bring the space to life. Another way to invigorate your office space is to add some variations in texture – like textured pillows, upholstery, textiles or rugs.

4. Don’t Settle For Fluorescent Lighting

office lights


Most office spaces come with overhead fluorescent lighting. Although this is functional… it’s definitely not aesthetically appealing or even comfortable for the eyes. This lighting is harsh can make a work space feel cold and overly clerical.

So, why not purchase some interesting floor lamps or decorative wall lights (with warm temperature bulbs) so that you don’t always need to rely on your cool, overly bright overheads? Adding customised lighting to a workplace is sure to make it feel cosier, more ambient and more inviting.

Why settle for working in a dull, lifeless cubicle, when your office environment can actually be inspiring, uplifting and warm? Stay tuned to our blog for more business tips and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.