When it comes to business, unified communication benefit between employees, management and employees. To ensure smooth business operations in the digital age, Unified Communications (UC) have begun to rise. In fact, the UC market is expected to grow to $61.9 billion by 2018.

UC combines your business’s communication channels over a single digital connection, and this provides a range of advantages to any business, large or small. Not sure why you should unify communications? Here are some of the benefits:

What Are Unified Communications Benefit?

Flexible & Efficient

Unified Communications provides businesses with a single, integrated platform that connects mobile devices, business phones, desktop computers and your entire business staff. As a result, UC allows for flexibility and ease of communication that far outweighs traditional analogue phone networks. UC allows for a BYOD (bring your own device) work climate, and makes it easy for employees to work from different locations. UC uses a single inbox and a single phone number for all communication needs. As a result, your business can run smoothly and your employees have the ability to focus on their tasks and easily communicate with coworkers and clients.


Unified Communications turns your audio signals into digital signals. Calls, emails, faxes, texts –  all communications are made via an encrypted internet connection, which simplifies communications and adds significant safety and security to your communications system. Security is essential when dealing with personal and sensitive information, and UC can be a great way to safeguard your communications, especially when combined with robust user-authentication systems.

Reduced Costs & Improved Scalability

No two businesses are the same – the needs of a start-up are significantly different than those of a global organisation. One of the great things about UC is that it can be scaled and priced according to your business needs. Businesses pay for the traffic they need instead of paying a set rate, and affordable packages are available for small-medium businesses. When it comes to UC, all information goes through a single server, and this reduces maintenance costs and makes upgrades and additions really easy.

Save Time

UC provides a range of features that can help your business to save time and money. Since all of your devices will be unified across one network, you can easily answer and transfer calls to any of your connected hardware, whether in your office or at another location. This will benefit your business processes and improve your quality of customer services (constant communication and fast response time have always been a staple of great customer service). UC also allows for a multi-device ringing option, which connects an employee’s PC and work phone with his or her mobile phone. Last but not least, short-number dialling also saves time by removing the need for an area code.

Better Collaboration & Communication

By leveraging UC platforms that facilitate audio, video, and web conferences, businesses can improve collaboration across the entire organisation. The virtual environment that UC provides allows colleagues to share ideas and communicate in real-time, regardless of location. Employers can hold meetings and discuss important issues with their offshore partners and clients without having to travel to do so.


Unified Communications can benefit businesses in a range of ways. UC enhances employee productivity and connectivity, streamlines business communications, improves customer satisfaction and allows businesses to manage their communications effectively without breaking the bank. Want to find out more? Check out How VoIP Hardware Can Improve Your Business.

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