What Is 5G?

5G (which stands for fifth generation) will build on the foundation created by 4G LTE. 5G technology business will allow people to text, call and browse the web as always – but the speed at which data is transferred across the network will dramatically increase.

It will also make it easier for people to download and upload Ultra HD and 3D videos (5G will increase download speeds to 10 gigabits per second – which means a full HD movie can be downloaded in a matter of seconds) and make room for the thousands of internet-connected devices that are gradually entering our world.

Some of the benefits businesses are likely to see from 5G technology include:

Benefits Of 5G Technology Business

1. Enhanced Communications

It provides enhanced mobility and flexibility. Businesses that harness 5G technology will be far less constrained by physical location thanks to improved service delivery capabilities that will enhance employee and customer engagement and help to make businesses more productive, integrated and robust. Employees will be able to work from any location without affecting their productivity levels. Not only is this great for business, but it is also likely to increase employee loyalty as the employees of today highly value flexibility.

2. Greater Speed

Users will experience much faster internet than what we have today. 5G will have one-millisecond latency, which will make the network feel instantly responsive while also supporting 10 times as many devices at significantly lower power consumption profiles. This speed will allow high resolution and data-intensive applications to run much more smoothly, and employees won’t need to worry about connectivity issues, poor quality or lag when sharing content or live streaming.

According to News.com.au, 5G speeds will be 60 times faster than our current home broadband internet. This improved speed will vastly improve all business processes and dramatically boost productivity.

3. Create New Opportunities

The new 5G technology will improve uplink bandwidth, latency, network capacity, power control and energy efficiency and can effectively provide a ubiquitous mobile experience. 5G will create new opportunities for enterprises and employees by allowing them to make the most of emerging technologies that rely on ultra-high data rates – like 360 videos, 3D projection, VR and AR. These technologies can be used to improve business processes and change the ways businesses market to and interact with their customers.

4. Ready For IoT

Internet of Things Concept

It is well-suited to handle the growing connectivity needs of the IoT (Internet of Things). As IoT-enabled devices start to play a greater role in our daily lives, enterprise networks won’t just support smart phones, laptops and tablets – they will enable appliances, sensors, digital displays, lights and wearable technologies of all sorts.

The 5G networks will be an ideal choice to manage all of these devices since they can enable machine-to-machine communications for up to a million devices per square kilometre. And, thanks to 5G’s technical improvements, the technology will be more energy efficient than current network standards, which will extend the battery life for these devices.

The information in this post is adapted from Samsung Newsroom, TCI Capital, Business Insider and Network World.