Need messages for your dental practice? We can create customised on hold messages that enhance your image, create a comforting on hold environment and educate your patients about your company and your services. We cover the who, what, when, where, why and how of your business, and we know how to provide your customers with the best on hold experience possible.

Placing customers on hold is a reality for most dental practices, so make sure that you use the on hold messages wisely. Dental on hold message should:

Calm Patients

Many people avoid the dentist because they are afraid. Your patients might be anxious because they haven’t been to the dentists in years or be fearful about an upcoming procedure, the state of their teeth or the potential cost of their visit. To calm these nerves, dental on hold messages (and music) should be soothing, informative and designed to put callers at ease.

Offer Testimonials

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing – and the on hold space is a great place to offer testimonials from your satisfied customers. Testimonials add credibility to your business and assure your patients that they have chosen the right dentist by offering social proof.

When it comes to which testimonials you should include, focus on including testimonials that provide detailed information about the testimonial writer, their situation and how you helped them. You want to put the on hold caller in the shoes of the satisfied customer.

Provide Useful Company Information

Your on hold messages should provide a range of useful company information. This can include:

  • Your services and specialities
  • Your cancellation policy
  • Costs for appointments
  • Opening hours
  • Location details
  • Brief history of your company
  • Information about where to find you on social media
  • Information about what people can expect during their appointment
  • Medicare rebates, private healthcare information and insurance benefits
  • Introduce new technologies and treatments that are available
  • Inform callers of relevant specials, discounts and promotions

Offer Dental Health Tips

Teach your patients what they need to know to maintain a healthy smile. For example, how often should they see a dentist? What are warning signs of dental issues? How can they keep their teeth healthy? How often do you really need to floss teeth? Providing your customers with useful information is a great way to keep them happy.

Need On Hold Messages?

If your dental practice needs on hold messages, music or voicemail, Contact Smart On Hold today and get guidance from our on hold specialists.