On hold messages provide much more value for businesses and their callers when they are updated regularly. Don’t risk having your customers hear dull, outdated or repetitive information – they might just hang up and not call again! On hold script update can keep your message on hold fresh.

When it comes to your on hold messages, consider – are your on hold scripts out of date? Do you have something new to promote? Has your business won an award or achieved any recent successes? Has your company information changed in any way? If so, it might be time for you to add some new on hold recordings to your mix.

Here are 3 reasons we recommend you update your on hold messages regularly:

Keeps It Fresh

Many businesses have repeat callers. Although your on hold scripts may sound great with the first listen, customers get very tired of hearing the same music or messages over and over again. Updating your on hold messages or music is one easy way to breathe new life into your on hold system and keep repeat callers happy.

Increased ROI

Survey statistics from the On-Hold Messaging Association show that on hold messages are more effective for small businesses that change their on-hold messages 6 times or more per year. By regularly updating your on hold scripts to include your latest offers/products, you are likely to see an increase in your ROI.

Keep Customers Up To Date

If your business undergoes changes – whether they be new products, operating hours, staff members, social media profiles or store locations – it is important that your customers are made aware. This will spread the word save you the time of having to communicate this information directly.

Start Thinking On Hold Script Update About Your Christmas Greeting!

Holiday seasons provide businesses with opportunities to promote seasonal special offers, thank customers for their loyalty throughout the year and provide important information like store operating hours over Christmas. If you have any questions about improving your message on hold (or preparing your Christmas greeting), contact Smart on Hold today.

For more information, see how often should you update your on hold recordings.

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