Smart IP Audio Box – The On Hold Player You Now Need

Due to changes in business telecommunication technology, The Smart on Hold team have developed an intelligent on hold player device – we call it a Smart IP Audio Box. This device can connect to almost all new & old phone systems, either via a local or online network connection or via a traditional LIU or 3.5 mm headset jack. A Smart IP Audio Box can be time and date driven, runs audio on a continuous play mode and is remotely updateable, whilst also being extremely reliable.

Before you delve into this post, we recommend that you browse our previous post, Is Your Phone System Repeating The Same Messages Over & Over? Are Your On Hold Callers Hanging Up Or Complaining About Your On Hold Messages? Find Out Why And HOW TO FIX IT. This post provides useful information on why devices like LIUs and/or A Smart IP Audio Box is essential for providing your callers with an optimal on hold experience.

What Are The Advantages Of Smart IP Audio Box?

A Smart IP Audio Box can provide businesses with a range of benefits. Unlike uploading a static .wav or .mp3 file, A Smart IP Audio Box runs in a constant state of play. This intelligent On Hold Player device is 100% remotely updatable, is pre-programmable for future events and is capable of playing different messages or music at different times of the day, week, month and year. Why is this important? Check out Stop Leaving Money On The Table! Save Your Business Time & Money NOW With An Advertising Medium That Targets Your Customers Like No Other and 3 Reasons You Need to Regularly Update Your on Hold Scripts.

Another huge advantage of these clever little devices is that IP, cloud-based or hosted systems that cannot have a traditional LIU or 3.5 mm headset jack can often connect to a Smart IP Audio Box through a local or online network as either an “On Hold Server” or as an “On Hold Extension” of the phone system. This network connectivity is key to solving the on hold problems facing many businesses and phone companies using new cloud and hosted telecommunication systems. The bad news? Most telephone technicians do not understand that this new technology can work perfectly on their new systems. Therefore, technicians may be resistant to it and may need some explanations from the team at Smart On hold.

The Smart IP Audio Box In Action

A Smart IP Audio Box is about the size of a very small modem. These devices are provided free of charge as part of our on hold messaging service.

The below screenshots are images of the control program that you can use to see and control the messages & music on a Smart IP Audio Box (we normally do this for our customers remotely).

Smart IP Audio Player


on hold player

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