It’s in for a penny, in for a pound, when you consider regular messages on hold updates. You might have forgotten what made you decide to go with such an affordable service as on hold messages. On average, people would say they like having these messages because it adds depth to their marketing.

That is right and correct. But as we have steadily added to our knowledge base, we at Smart On Hold can provide more reasons for updating your on hold messaging regularly. We know for a fact that Messages On Hold are without equal in efficiency and impact. Before we go to the reasons why you need regular updates for these, we want to help you truly understand on hold space for business use.

Your On Hold Space in Marketing, Customer Service, Sales and More

Find a marketing space, platform, or process that can hold up to on hold space in terms of use, efficiency and affordability. Social media may be the closest, but you need to spend time and money to compete for visibility in these platforms.

There is nothing else like that space and time when you put callers on hold — it is organic to your phone system and business phone use. Plus, your main big spend is only on the initial set up, the monthly bills are naturally lower. After this, spending is just a little bit more for regular updates. The updates often make the difference for seasonal markets, campaigns or information you need to share with clients.

Your phone or phone system is still a very important business communication tool. In fact, with mobile, it is becoming even more important today. While you may already know how on hold messages work, you should know more options for these. To use these options, you need to relate these to a number of funnels:

1. General Marketing
2. CRM
3. Business Information
4. Sales
5. Market Research
6. Product/Service Awareness
7. Direct Advertising

All these and more can be addressed by any recorded message you set up for your business phones.

Enter AI: and How Messages On Hold Will Become in This New Era

The main thing to keep in mind with AI or automation in communication platforms is the intelligence behind any automated process. Siri, the original virtual assistant in the market, is not just an audio recording but an audio answering service. Virtual on hold messages are less expansive, but with the options available, can still be advanced audio services for clients.

The things to look for are inclusions and integration, which for smart technology or AI are almost a given. “Almost” because you have the choice of what, how and when to include and integrate — giving you the perfect freedom to do business your own way.

The handle on tech is just right there, what you want is a vendor who provides the tech upfront and without added riders, add ons and items that pad the bill they give you.

Smart On Hold Options, Then and Now

Here, we will not bother with what the industry, as a whole, can provide. We’ve always followed our own path in this business. From the start, tech has been a close ally, an ever-reliable tool, for providing clients with the best we can offer.

So we’ve followed the progress of AI, probably more closely than any other on hold messaging service, because, as you have probably realized by now, we love tech — phone tech in particular. In one sense, our products and services are ways of sharing the love.

Our tech is envied by competitors, and they simply cannot understand why we do not add more on bills for the ambient or applied AI we’ve incorporated into gadgets like the Smart IP Audio Box.

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