5 Ways to Improve Your Website To Boost Incoming Calls


Optimising your site to increase your lead generation is an obvious no brainer! However, this isn’t as simple using a “Click Here” button on your website and waiting for the leads to come flooding in.

However, there are a few digital marketing strategies you can apply to your website that will increase your incoming phone leads.


Here are Our Top 5 Strategies to Boost Incoming Calls:

  1. Making phone number prominent in header and footer
  2. Making phone numbers clickable on Mobile Devices
  3. Adding Phone Call Plugins
  4. Tracking Phone Call Clicks with Google Tag Manager
  5. Google Ads Extensions


Tip 1: Making phone number prominent in header and footer

Make your phone number clear and visible in the header and footer of your website.Your customers can’t call you if they can’t find your phone number.

To ensure your phone number is noticeable consider using contrasting colours, bold font or animation.44% of people will leave a website if they can not see clear, visible contact information!

Additionally, a visible phone number will build your trust and credibility – two factors crucial to your online presence. “54% of people indicate that a lack of contact information or a phone number reduces a business’s credibility and deters them from buying from you or filling in your contact form according to the same study” (B2B Web Report).


Tip 2: Making phone numbers clickable on Mobile Devices

The easier you make it for the customer, the more leads you will generate.

Did you know mobile phones make up over 50% of website traffic?

Make the phone numbers clickable on Mobile devices. To do this, insert a link to “tel:” followed by your phone number; for example, tel:1300467646.


Tip 3: Adding Phone Call Plugins for Mobile Devices

Using Phone Call plugins is another possible solution for mobile devices that will increase your inbound phone leads. These plugins will allow you to install an icon on your website that allows your customers to call you directly.

Many of the plugins feature many enticing designs and stand out on the webpage – attracting more phone leads. The plugins commonly have a backend app that you can install and manage the calls you receive.

We recommend the Call Now Button WordPress Plugin.


Tip 4: Tracking Phone Call Clicks with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager allows you to track the phone call clicks on your website.

This allows you to collect data that tracks where your highest-converting traffic comes from; meaning you can double down on your most effective lead generation strategies.

Follow these steps to setup phone call tracking in GTM.


Tip 5: Google Ads Extensions

Google Ads is another digital marketing strategy that will boost your incoming calls. The system features extensions including Call, Callout and Sitelinkwhich allow you to direct your paid traffic to your phone number to contact you immediately.


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