5 VoIP Disadvantages Debunked!

5 VoIP Disadvantages Debunked!

Heard of VoIP? It stands for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’, and it works by converting analogue voice calls into digital information delivered over the Internet itself. Like any rising technology, VoIP is subject to circulating myths that aim to discourage people from adapting to new technologies. Though we found 5 voip disadvantages debunked we like …

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The Importance Of Customer Reviews

The Importance of Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are free and they work wonders for your brand image, reputation, sales and search engine rankings. If you don’t have customer reviews, it’s time to get some! It’s essential for every business owner to understand the importance customer reviews as it will affect your overall online reputation of your business. Not sure where …

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How To Make Your Brand Stand Out From The Crowd? – Brand Consistency

brand consistency

Your brand consistency is how your customers see your business and your products/services. Your brand image represents the overall identity of your organisation and impacts the way people think about, talk about and interact with your business. To succeed, you brand image needs to be memorable, recognisable, intentional and consistent. How To Be Consistent with …

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How Can Unified Communications Benefit Your Business?

Unified Communications

When it comes to business, unified communication benefit between employees, management and employees. To ensure smooth business operations in the digital age, Unified Communications (UC) have begun to rise. In fact, the UC market is expected to grow to $61.9 billion by 2018. UC combines your business’s communication channels over a single digital connection, and …

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How VoIP Hardware Can Improve Your Business?

VoIP Hardware

Successful businesses rely on effective communication to respond to customers, perform their services and manage their team. VoIP allows businesses to combine voice, data and video in one easy-to-manage service, and this makes communication and general business operations much more efficient. Voip hardware improve business through communication and phone marketing. Despite these advantages, many small …

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How Often Should You Update Your On Hold Recordings?

update on hold messages

Imagine yourself waiting on hold, hearing the same old outdated on hold recording you’ve been hearing for years. You’d probably feel pretty bored and frustrated, right? We’re guessing you don’t want your customers feeling like that when they wait on hold, so it’s important that you know how to keep your on hold recording update …

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How To Create Welcoming Office Environment?

welcoming office environment

Have you heard of how ridiculously fun Google’s offices are? With their slides, aquariums, pool tables, games rooms and bowling alleys they put most other corporate offices to shame. It’s one of the most relaxed and welcoming office environment you’ll ever see. If you work in a dull corporate office environment every day, it’s quite …

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5 Ways VoIP Technology Will Develop In 2017

VoIP telephone

VoIP technology allows users to route calls over the internet instead of through traditional copper lines. Since launching over 20 years ago, VoIP is now one of the most powerful technologies of the 21st century. It powers the way we connect with each other across the world. According to VoIP Routes, VoIP is expected to …

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How To Save Your Business Money Using VoIP Technology?

VOIP Technology

Are you looking to save your business money by cutting down on the price of your communications such as messages on hold or VoIP technology? Smart On Hold might just have the solution for you – and it won’t affect the quality of your services. If anything, it’ll increase it. Using VoIP technology to conduct …

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Which PBX Phone System Is Best For Your Business?

PBX Phone System

What Is PBX Phone System? A PBX (private business exchange) is the software and or hardware that connects multiple incoming business calls to the right company departments. With a properly configured PBX phone system, incoming calls first reach an automated attendant, which helps to direct the calls to the right departments and employees. PBX systems …

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