6 Powerful Words To Boost Sales – Powerful Marketing

successful marketing copy

Some words are more persuasive than others. Experienced copywriters know how to use these words to their advantage. Here are 6 powerful marketing words that you can use to stimulate your browsers and generate more sales for your business: You and Your When it comes to reading marketing copy, people are selfish. They want to …

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Social Media Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2020

social media trends

Online technologies are constantly evolving. In order to avoid being left behind by the fast-moving online world, it is essential that you have you finger on the online pulse. Businesses have never had so many avenues for reaching their customers, or such interesting ways of presenting content – but, to succeed online, you really need …

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5 Common Marketing Mistakes That Could Cost Your Business

Marketing Tips: How to Avoid Marketing Mistakes

Marketing is a crucial aspect of your business strategy. If you want to boost sales, gain customers and grow brand awareness, a well thought out marketing strategy is a must and learn marketing mistakes to avoid doing it in your business. Unfortunately, even with extensive planning, It’s all too easy to get marketing wrong. So, …

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Phone Marketing 101: 4 Common Mistakes Of Phone Marketing

phone marketing tips

Many businesses aren’t aware of this, but the on hold messaging space is a marketing weapon. The on hold phone message is often a customer’s first impression of a business, so it is absolutely critical that this on hold message (or music) is strategic and carefully planned. A great on hold message can generate sales, …

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