On Hold Marketing Works! Messages On Hold Marketing

Messages On Hold Marketing

Did you know that you have a targeted, low-cost and effective marketing weapon at your disposal? But chances are, you’re not using this opportunity to its full potential. We’re talking about your on hold and transfer call space. On hold marketing works every time. Seriously, if you have ever spent time and advertising money on …

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How Often Should You Update Your On Hold Recordings?

update on hold messages

Imagine yourself waiting on hold, hearing the same old outdated on hold recording you’ve been hearing for years. You’d probably feel pretty bored and frustrated, right? We’re guessing you don’t want your customers feeling like that when they wait on hold, so it’s important that you know how to keep your on hold recording update …

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Starting A Small Business? The Tools You Need To Succeed

small business tips and tools

Starting your own business can be not only challenging but also downright scary. It won’t all be smooth sailing, especially in the early days. I don’t want to scare you off, trust me, it’s worth it to do something that excites you. It definitely helps to be doing something that you love because that passion …

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How Follow Up Calls Can Increase Sales & Boost Your Income

Follow up is key … How do your sales measure up?

Sales, we all want them and how exciting it is when leads start coming into your business, after your Marketing finally begins to pay off, as you have mastered it. But now the real work begins … Your Follow up and closing sales! Closing is something a lot of people have trouble with and we …

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How Smart On Hold Helped Businesses Through Custom Messages On Hold

custom messages on hold

The Story Of Captain SOHO And His Adventures To Rescue Business Owners The State of the Nation’s On Hold was in the hands of some master criminals. Unknown to everyone, evil is lurking behind the businesses phone system called THE SILENCE. This criminal has put the phone system into chaos and someone needed to do …

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How Do You Earn Your Customers Loyalty?

On hold messages

On hold messages can build customer loyalty when you use the right marketing message. Before we indulge you in how to earn customers loyalty through messages on hold. Listen to this. We have all been offered loyalty cards and schemes for many years. With ways to gain points to spend in store, vouchers and other …

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Message On Hold Of The Month For March 2014

You can take a look on our YouTube channel for our latest Business of the Month winner … Lobb Street Sawmill … Along with many other informative videos to help with your On Hold Messages. Lobb Street Sawmill have been a long term client for Smart On Hold Options and have loved the service that they have received …

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