What Many Telephone Companies Don’t Want You To Know About Becoming NBN Ready

Preparing Your Business Phone Systems for NBN

Although preparing your phone system or business to be NBN ready (this really just means VOIP-Ready) is actually quite simple and can be done for as little as $65, many telephone companies and or salespeople are inspiring fear in consumers by insisting that they need to purchase unnecessary “NBN-compliant” phone systems “before it’s too late!”. …

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How Can Unified Communications Benefit Your Business?

Unified Communications

When it comes to business, unified communication benefit between employees, management and employees. To ensure smooth business operations in the digital age, Unified Communications (UC) have begun to rise. In fact, the UC market is expected to grow to $61.9 billion by 2018. UC combines your business’s communication channels over a single digital connection, and …

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5 Ways VoIP Technology Will Develop In 2017

VoIP telephone

VoIP technology allows users to route calls over the internet instead of through traditional copper lines. Since launching over 20 years ago, VoIP is now one of the most powerful technologies of the 21st century. It powers the way we connect with each other across the world. According to VoIP Routes, VoIP is expected to …

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Is Your Business “Keeping Up With The Times”?

Is your business keeping up

I was walking down the street when I noticed something revolutionary and I thought that has solved one product/service that has been in ultimate decline over the last few decades … Those old telephone booths … Back when I was a child my dad used to do maintenance on these phone boxes, we used them to call …

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