Phone Answering Services In Melbourne

Is your company searching for a phone answering service that can help grow your Melbourne business while your callers are on hold? Smart On Hold has been providing quality on hold messaging since 2003. Our team crafts custom, on hold messages for you, so that your phones on hold space can be as engaging as possible.

One of the key points about the Smart On Hold service is that, if your business isn’t happy with the service, or maybe it’s not beneficial for your business after 180 days – you can feel assured with our 180 day money back guarantee that is there to provide you with peace of mind!

We have helped many satisfied customers in Melbourne, Victoria and throughout Australia with their phone answering services (with our messages on hold). Our team provide first class service to companies of all shapes and sizes.

There are different factors to businesses using our on hold messaging service, here are just a few:

  • We will never lock you in! Our first class service means we don’t need to lock you into a contract
  • Customer Service: our team help with your needs, including updates, and creative writing.
  • Our Money back guarantees
  • Our productions can be date driven; Christmas or sale periods mostly use this feature.

Are our phone on hold messages working for your Melbourne Company?

Smart On Hold is a great way to bring your branding and phone system to life. Getting the right messages to each of your callers, in a short period is crucial: this is what the team here at Smart On Hold are able to deliver. Our confidence in our service show, because if you’re not 100% satisfied after 180 days; we will give you your money back!

Our messages on hold are a great way to use your time on hold to put your callers in a positive buying mood whilst waiting for your assistance on hold. The team here, go the extra mile to get the most out of the on hold space our customers have. One thing our creative writer is great at using your on hold space for is promoting other services that you provide, maybe your callers don’t know about. This will make the callers aware of your branding and services in a short, timely message!

For those businesses who want to play only music on hold to their callers, we also provide this service: music on hold.

We highly recommend making the most of this space with targeted messages as music is not going to increase sales, branding or promote any services.

At Smart On Hold, we have the experience to craft messages that get the most out of your phone systems on hold space. It’s our job to get you the most out of your brand, on hold messages and your callers. Please contact us for more information about our phone answering services within the Melbourne area!

Need a phone answering service near your area. We specialise in providing services to Brisbane, Sydney, PerthAdelaide and Darwin-based business in need of a phone answering service.