How to Choose the Right Background Music for On Hold Messaging

background music for on hold

Good background music for business on hold messages or ads is currently one of those marketing items businesses use for boosting their corporate image. Your messages on hold provider can actually provide these. The need is to listen to what fits the nature of your business, to get involved enough in choosing the right musical …

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Is Cloud Hosting Really the Best Option for Your Business? Here Are Some Considerations

cloud hosting for business

Lots of businesses are moving to cloud-based phone systems – but this doesn’t necessarily mean that cloud-hosting is the best choice for your organisation. Many providers push cloud-based options without detailing the other systems out there, and proprietary PBX hosting still comes with a range of great features, including versatility, flexibility and lower long-term costs. …

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Phone Technicians & Telcos Aren’t Created Equal – Here’s How to Identify the Best Providers for Your Needs

Phone Technicians & Telco Companies

For some, choosing the right phone technicians and telcos can be a guessing game. After all, there are so many options out there. Whether you need a new phone system, a simple change to your existing phone system (like purchasing a low-cost ATA device to make your existing system NBN compatible), new VOIP services or …

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72% of Customers Only Make a Purchase After Reading a Positive Review – Here’s How to Get Reviews from Your Customers

customer reviews

Our New Offering   We’re excited to announce that we are now offering our Messages on Hold clients the ‘Smart Business Reviews’ review service. This simple yet clever cloud-based software encourages customers to leave online reviews about your business in a safe place that you can control and it makes the whole reviewing process as …

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Can You Have On Hold Messages for a Single Line or Cordless Phone? YES, YOU CAN!

Messages for a Single Line or Cordless Phone

Does Your Small Business Suffer from an Unprofessional Phone System? Professional on hold messages and music aren’t limited to major companies with multi-line telephone systems. Despite what many small business owners believe, on hold messages and music can easily be added to single line and cordless phones. That’s right – regardless of whether you have …

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