voicemail-greetings-perth-businessmanVoicemail Greetings for Perth Businesses

Need cost-effective voicemail greetings written and read by professionals for your Perth business? You’ve come to the right place.

Do you want to welcome every caller that rings your business with a professional voicemail greeting while they are on hold? We believe it is essential to any up-and-coming or well-established Perth business. A well thought out greeting, on hold message or voicemail can inform, educate and influence people who are calling your business in Perth towards positive actions. We know that they also work well to put callers in a positive, buying mood. The beauty about voicemail greetings from Smart On Hold is that they can be timed and dated, if you need something to be scheduled and automated for a future date, it’s possible and it will save you the time, money and stress.

Another great point to highlight about Smart On Hold, that a lot of other competitors don’t offer businesses is that Voicemail messages are all complimentary with our rental message on hold packages including night message, auto attendants and voice prompts.

Smart On Hold offer businesses just like yours an on hold messages service that is sure to give a boost to your Perth business and can even promote more sales – all whilst keeping callers happy and in a buying mode throughout the call. We offer voicemail greetings at great value, with prices starting from only $1.45 a day.

Plus – for extra peace of mind, you can try our Smart On Hold service for 180 days and if you’re not completely satisfied, we guarantee to double your money back.

Your telephone system is an investment  

Every minute counts in the business worlds, for both you and your customer, this is the reason why Messages On Hold is such a great initiative as it achieves two goals;

With Smart On Hold, your customer will hear high quality messages and greetings that are engaging and can put them in a buying mood. Here are some reasons why Smart On Hold can enhance your business:

  • You can generate more enquires with every call
  • No lock in contracts – ever
  • Experienced copy writers to write custom on hold messaging for your business
  • 180-day trial or double your money back!

You can also decide exactly what you want to include in your messages or voicemail greetings. Here are a few things to get you thinking how the On Hold space can work for your Perth business:

  • Added a new service to your Perth business? Does your customer know?
  • Moving to a new office in Perth? Let your customer know
  • Having a sale? Promote new specials and season specials you may be offering

Voicemail Services Available Australia wide

If your business is based outside of Perth, we provide messages on hold, music on hold and voicemail greetings services Australia wide for cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin and more.

Start today

Tell us what you would like to include in your messages or greetings and our copywriters can craft a collection of custom short messages that are both informative and engaging – we can also work with you to find the most beneficial voicemail strategy for your business. This can generate more sales in your business, as well as boost your brand and increase your goodwill.

Looking for cost-effective voicemail greetings? Contact us now and ask for a custom on hold message quote from the Smart On Hold team.