Skyrocket Your Sales – About Us

It’s important you feel comfortable and confident when making decisions that affect your business. That’s why I want to tell you who Smart On Hold are. It’s so you know who we are, why we’re fast becoming known as the best phone messaging option for businesses, and how we can help you get more sales and significantly boost your brand. My name is Nathan Miller, and I run Smart On Hold. We help business owners large and small to generate far more sales and build goodwill every time somebody calls them.

We work with businesses like yours to help you …

  • Generate more sales
  • Boost your brand and increase goodwill
  • Introduce callers to even more of your products and services, often products and services they didn’t even know you offered
  • Place timely offers in front of buyers
  • Put customers into buying mode, even though they were on hold
  • And slash the number of people who hang up while they’re waiting to talk with your staff

Smart On Hold started a long time ago back in my sales role, selling advertising space for radio stations. This meant spending hours on the phone every day calling up local businesses to talk about our advertising packages. And while I was making these calls I noticed something interesting. While most companies just put the radio on when I was on hold, a handful of companies would play engaging messages to me. I began writing down my observations, and I discovered that 4 things happened when I heard these messages. First, these companies created an impression of being large and professional. Second, I learnt about them and their products and services. And more importantly, why I should use them. Third, I didn’t hang up, and Fourth, I often found myself buying their products … even though I only called them up to sell them an advertising package to begin with. The impact on me was profound.

I had discovered a way of generating more sales for businesses using on hold messages.

And with my background in radio advertising I knew exactly how to craft short, compelling messages which get people to take action. But I didn’t want to compete with the other companies doing the same thing. I wanted to create an entirely new offering by finding out what people HATED about the existing providers … and do the exact opposite. I spoke with literally hundreds of businesses to find out answers, and created a service which delivered exactly what they wanted.

A breath of fresh air finally hit this stale industry. And it was about time.

That’s why everything we do is about helping our clients generate more sales, vastly improve brand recognition and slash the number of people who hang up while they’re on hold. Not only that, we do it cheaper, we make it really simple to make changes, we do all the installation work, and best of all …

… we put an end to ugly contracts with a simple, month by month model you can cancel at any time.

So please, have a look around our website and discover why our clients rave about us and our competition hate us. And if you have any questions, or you’d like to join us then click here to get in touch.

Nathan J. Miller Smart On Hold