Promote Seasonal Offers Through Your On Hold Messages

date driven messages on hold

You might be surprised, but with a good On Hold Music and Messages On Hold System you can program different date driven messages on hold to play at certain times of the year, even different days of the week. Now, a lot of systems
don’t do this, but a handful do …

This is of course what Smart On Hold offer with our Date-Driven Messages On Hold … Even better is our On Hold System where you can input your seasonal Messages months in advance and have them automatically come on between certain dates. All of our Message Systems are programmed in house by our technicians, so there is no need to do this yourself – just tell our Customer Service team when you want your Message to start and stop.

Examples Of Our Date-Driven On Hold Messages In Practice

Whether you plan on advertising a promotion on Valentine’s Day or informing customers about your new website’s chat feature when it releases in a certain quarter, our Customer Service Team can deliver your chosen messages at the right time and with professional quality.

Imagine a Christmas voicemail message with an offer suddenly coming to life on the 1st of December without you lifting a finger. Then, imagine this On Hold message being replaced on the 26th of December with a new message and offer for the New Year. And imagine being able to program your entire specials promotions in advance, and having the On Hold Messages leap to life the day your promotion begins, without having to think about doing anything yourself.

The best part? All this can be programmed in advance so your seasonal message start and finish bang on time without you having to do a thing.

Contact our team to see how a Messages On Hold System can work for your business!