Do You Need Regular On Hold Messages Updates? Here Are The Reasons Why

does your business need on hold messages updates. yes, it does

It’s in for a penny, in for a pound, when you consider regular messages on hold updates. You might have forgotten what made you decide to go with such an affordable service as on hold messages. On average, people would say they like having these messages because it adds depth to their marketing. That is …

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Choosing Your Business Christmas Message Has Never Been Easier!


  We’re giving each of our customers one complimentary business Christmas message. To select Christmas script request simply: Read the variations of business Christmas message templates below Select the one message which suits your business best Complete the form to the right of the screen with your selection and details as stated Click “send my …

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How NBN Readiness Scare Is Similar To The Y2K Virus?

NBN rollout and NBN readiness scare

The NBN Readiness Scare Background As the NBN rollout continues, you can be sure that more and more people are relieved they got through the NBN readiness scare with little mishap. Or that they didn’t have to buy new phone systems or units supposed to be compatible with the fibre network connection. For businesses, the …

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How To Choose The Right Background Music For On Hold Messaging?

background music for on hold

Good background music for business on hold messages or ads is currently one of those marketing items businesses use for boosting their corporate image. Your messages on hold provider can actually provide these. The need is to listen to what fits the nature of your business, to get involved enough in choosing the right musical …

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