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Day Double Your Money Back Guarantee

If at any time during the first 180 days of your service you don’t feel as though we’ve delivered on all our promises and you want to leave – feel free to do so & we will refund double your money back.
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No Contracts - Great Customer Service

Many companies that specialise in Messages On Hold services love tying their clients up into iron-tight, inescapable contracts. At Smart On Hold we keep our clients by offering the best quality service, guaranteed!
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Date Driven Phone Messages

You might be surprised, but with diverse audio recordings we can help you program different messages to play at certain times of the year. Reap the rewards of strategically scheduled marketing messages!
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Messages That Gets Results

Are you looking for an edge over your competitors? Turn your call waiting or On Hold Messaging space into a marketing weapon! Discover the power of your On Hold space and build your business using your telephone.

Content is King in Business or Professional Grade Menu Prompts, On Hold Messages and Business Greetings.

Menu Prompts and What They Can Be Packaged With

  • Professional Script, Recording and Production of IVR Packages
  • Automation (like Our Date-Driven Messaging System), Internet Connectivity, Message On Hold Player
  • Background Music that Comes from Royalty Free Stock
  • A Total Quality that Helps Makes Voice Prompts Stay Top of Mind with Callers
On Hold Messages for your phone system

Why Menu Prompts

Your On Hold Space is Yours to Fill Up

A recording or on hold music is so much more engaging for your customer service as compared to having silence at the end of the line. Discover how your business phones becomes a great part of your marketing arsenal through Smart On Hold’s business grade messaging services available Australia wide. You will never think of your on hold space as unimportant again. With affordability built in to our Messages On Hold packages, virtually no maintenance costs, and efficient support technology, your IVR prompts should boost your business.

Nowadays, phones should be optimised as never before. The menu prompt system you have is internet connected and therefore adds more flexibility and reach to your business communications lines. Your on hold space can become that edge over other companies. Get with it in terms of business messages on hold, background music, and more items that could be integrated into a phone prompt.

We Guarantee Results for Your Menu Prompts. Call us up today for special offers, discounts and complete services packages for your Business Menu Prompt System.

Why Choose Us

Assured Product Quality

Our years of experience equals perfected products & constant innovations. It’s a mastery that keeps on paying dividends to our customers.

Balanced Creative Reach

Creativity is another mastery we know how to use well for words that are just right, music that fits your business, relatable sourcing to classic creative works and more.

Excellent Customer Service

Our outstanding reputation for customer service is based on numerous actual customer reviews or testimonials, not on our say so alone,

Exceptional Guarantees

No lock in contracts. 180 day double your money back guarantee. And more industry-leading guarantees our competitors are unable to equal.

Technical Wizardry

We made sure our management and personnel are respected technical experts to serve you better. This adds up to cutting edge technology on all our products.

Solid Business Support

We back up your voicemails or phone messages with things like proven marketing practises or CRM standards to help you achieve your unique business goals.

Progressive Pricing

Every company in the industry has conditional price promos. Ours are built into our products so that customers can have high quality products that are never priced out of reach.

Free Extended Care

Our “you-break-it-we-fix-it” guarantee makes extended care a reality for customers. It’s the real thing, and it won’t cost you more than the price of a SOHO package.

Network Australia

We are partners with companies working in related fields like advertising, telecom and business reviews. Doing business with us is an assurance that you get full-feature packages.