“All our customers have been truly impressed with Smart On Hold and their quality of recordings. They are the only company we recommend for messages on hold.”

“Candour Communications is a telecommunications company who provide telephone systems, telephone and internet services to businesses around Australia. We are all about providing excellent customer service which is why we recommend Smart On Hold to our customers when they require a professional message on hold service.

Smart On Hold listens to their customer’s requirements and deliver exactly what the customer wants. The recordings are professional, seamless and to the point. The entire process from the initial contact to the implementation is smooth and handled efficiently.

Smart On Hold also follow up the customer periodically to make sure everything is still satisfactory.
There are plenty of different packages to choose from so Smart On Hold provide a solution perfect for the customer. The team are friendly and easy to deal with. All our customers have been truly impressed with them and their quality of recordings. They are the only company we recommend for messages On Hold and will continue to do so with peace of mind that our customers will be fully satisfied.”

Here at The Mug Factory we find the Smart On Hold Options Service is great, especially the ongoing support we receive with our Hold Messages. We all find the service to be extremely friendly and the Hold Messages give us an opportunity to let our customers hear our specials whilst On Hold along with a brief report about all the services that we offer here at The Mug Factory. We use our included updates to promote our specials as and when they change. We would definitely recommend SOHO Hold Messages to other businesses, and want to thank SOHO for their support and friendly service.

Tracey Crowle, The Mug Factory – Administration Manager
We cannot speak highly enough of SOHO!!! We were extremely impressed by the friendly staff but more importantly now when we put people On Hold we actually sound just as professional as we endeavour to be. We constantly get fantastic feedback from our clients and have even received extra work from people who have learned information about us through our Hold Messages! However the best part is at Christmas time, when we are at our busiest; they contacted us to ensure we included our holiday trading times message! That saved us a lot of time, which let’s face it at that time of year we don’t have.
Irene Morris, ATAC Pest Control – Marketing