We are so passionate and confident that the On Hold service we provide at Smart On Hold is outstanding that we Guarantee it:

Guarantee #1. You will never be locked into any contract

Our competitors in the On Hold Messaging industry love tying their clients up into iron-tight, inescapable contracts. Frankly, we believe in keeping our clients by offering the best service at the most competitive price – and NOT by locking you into contracts. This is why, if for any reason you were not happy with Smart On Hold being your messages on hold provider, you can stop your service with us anytime; as we have No Contracts!

Guarantee #2. 180 Day DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee

Try us out for 180 days,see for yourself how many more sales you’re making, talk to your callers about how they feel about your brand and watch the number of hang-ups drop. If, at the end of 180 days you don’t feel as though Smart On Hold have delivered on all our promises about your Hold Messaging and you want to leave you’re free to do so and we will refund DOUBLE the fees you have paid us. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love working with us, and will want to work with us for years to come; here at Smart On Hold we are about building lasting relationships with our On Hold clients. Take a look at our 180 Day Double Your Money Back Guarantee.

Guarantee #3. You break it, we fix it

Smart On Hold guarantee that if something goes wrong with your telephone Hold Messaging system, even if it’s not our fault we will still fix it at no cost. That’s because we have designed our system to be virtually bullet-proof, and we’re happy to put our hands in our pockets to prove it. Just contact our team to let them know if your Hold Messaging system is having a problem.

Guarantee #4. Works first time or you get 4 weeks service on us

Ever had a new system installed only to find it didn’t work as it should? Frustrating, isn’t it. That’s OK, because our On Hold Messaging systems are designed to be rock solid, and they’re all tested in-house before they get to you. So in the unlikely event that your Hold Messaging system doesn’t work first time, we will give you 4 weeks free service to make it up to you.

Guarantee #5. 4 weeks free service if your service ever stops working and isn’t restored within 48 hours

We understand that if your Hold Messaging system ever fails it’s going to cost you money. That’s why we have designed a Hold Messaging system so reliable and foolproof that it will virtually never, ever fail. And in the unlikely event it does (even after a power failure), we will give you 4 weeks of free Hold Messaging service if we don’t have it up and running perfectly within 48 hours.

Guarantee #6. Unlimited re-scripting and reproduction until you’re absolutely satisfied

We want you to be absolutely thrilled with Hold Messages. That’s why we guarantee to re-script it and reproduce it as many times as it takes for you to be 100% satisfied with your Messages. Need to make changes – request an update and our Customer Care team will contact you within 1 business day.

Guarantee #7. To beat any competitor’s price by 5%!!!

We know that no other On Hold Message provider comes close on price to Smart On Hold, especially with our Customer Service! But if you find something you believe is better value – as soon as I pick myself up off the floor – I will not only match it, I’ll beat it. Head to our Contact form and speak to our Smart On Hold team members today about what your On Hold needs are! Or request our Industry Leading Message On Hold pricing model.

Guarantee #8. We will check your system is working properly every 8-10 weeks with our reminder call service and if we forget, we’ll give you 4 weeks free.

Every 8-10 weeks we guarantee to call your business, ask to be put On Hold and double check that everything is in perfect working order. Because unlike other Hold Messaging companies who rely on you to keep checking your system, we add this in as an extra line of defence; another part of the great service at Smart On Hold. But if, in the unlikely event, we forget to do this check, we will give you 4 weeks of free Hold Messaging service. And we don’t just rely on you to tell us, if we miss this vital check and we discover the error we will actually tell you about it, and give you the 4 weeks of free hold messaging on the spot. And in this day and age, I’m sure you find this kind of honesty rare but refreshing, right?

So, now you know what our On Hold Messages Guarantee … You must act quickly! Tell us what your business On Hold needs are and one of our customer care team will be in contact within 1 business day. Alternatively call 07 3117 0700