The Smart On Hold Services Philosophy: An Overview

Messaging on hold is still a growing niche, and its products are by no means mainstream. No matter how the trade’s more colourful, traditional drumbeaters may want others to see it that way.

However, we want to change the situation. This is because we are believers in the power of on hold service. We know how on hold service are truly items for current business progress. Ideal settings or no, we are here to prove that our services should be part of the essential marketing package for anyone.

There are already many businesses who’ve engaged our services. More are doing so year on year. From the start, we carefully crafted our products to incorporate things like voiceovers from radio professionals and automation that actually worked and could be readily integrated into the digital revolution. Digitisation has simply made our gadgets more accessible, easier to produce, handier, more efficient and more affordable. And yes, AUTOMATED. (For our advanced automation forms, check out our date-driven messaging system.)

Our company can claim to have began as a startup operating using guerrilla tactics in establishment settings. Studying the On Hold industry, founder and Managing Director Nathan J. Miller saw the need to do things differently: in customer service terms; in products and gadgets; in marketing and sales.

We began by offering guarantees that upscaled customer service into a higher standard. We made products that bridged the gap between analogue and digital at a time when established businesses in our niche either thought digital was still beyond the horizon or thought it best to abandon their “traditions” in favour of the new. Marketing-wise, we made products that stood on their own merit. We didn’t rely on shiny, new-looking things or features nor marketed them with trumpetry.

We knew and still know that there are real people out there looking for gadgets that work with both traditional and digital phone systems – and who are also looking for companies who put customers first.