As a business there are several ways for you to imprint to your clients that you care, that they matter and that they are important. One way it can be expressed is when they call in to your business through messages on hold. Their experience from the point they start dialing, to being put on hold or transferred from one department to another. These are the little things that matter to your clients’ decision making process.

The facts about on hold:

PH Media Group conducted a survey and it states that “70% of consumers are put on hold for more than 50% of their calls” this is half of your callers that will hear your on hold space; and if this space is left unattended 50% of these calls are going to waste. This survey also states that “68% of consumers are put on hold for longer than one minute”. With the correct message on hold businesses, just like yours, can influence callers’ decision. You can feature the advantages of your products and services through Message on hold.

So how can you make the most use this space?

To maximize revenue whilst your callers are on hold, you can play advertising. Which in turn can give your business extra potential to get purchases from your existing callers/clients. 73% of consumers want to hear something when put on hold; other than beeps or silence while on hold. It is irritating not to know if you will be talking to someone or if you are being transferred to a different department or representative. Playing a soothing music to the ear could help elate clients’ irritation or boredom – not all of us have the patience to wait. According to a CNN survey “70% of callers in the who are holding in line in silence hang up within 60 seconds”.

What does this data mean to you?

All of this data indicates that your on hold is an under utilised space and it doesn’t have to be. There are simple inexpensive ways for businesses to boost productivity and in return maximize potential revenue. There is a need for businesses to consider their Messages on hold and start to change their thinking about the “little things”. Are they neglect-able enough that businesses are willing to lose potential profit output and gain?

It is time to reconsider and capitalize on what on hold messages can do for your business.

Think about the studies and their results. Think about your business’ productivity. Think about your revenue. Think about your business’s on hold messaging. Think Smart On Hold! If you would like to know more about what on hold messages can do for your business or to get a quote, you can contact us here.