Good background music for business on hold messages or ads is currently one of those marketing items businesses use for boosting their corporate image. Your messages on hold provider can actually provide these. The need is to listen to what fits the nature of your business, to get involved enough in choosing the right musical tracks. 

Your branding concerns will be addressed well when you do get involved. It also adds a significant amount of live marketing paths that profit your business.  You can study the basic anatomy of acquiring great music, which is featured here.

Types Of Background Music That Are Most Commonly Used

There are many kinds of background music to choose from. For your business needs, the musical background or theme is narrowed down by marketing value and advertising standards like:

  1. Seasonal background – when you need music fit for high potential seasonal sales campaigns like Christmas, New Year, Spring, Easter, Summer or important holidays in Australia.
  2. Standard background – corporate themes are yours to decide on, so they should follow your branding, values, culture, business function and such.
  3. Promotional background – your chosen music should follow the emotional tone or spirit of your promotions, ads or campaigns.

Where You Can Download Music Tracks

There are many sites where you can find music samples, and there is a significant portion offering royalty free tracks. Our shortlist of examples of leading providers here include, in no particular order:

  • Audiojungle – probably the most popular site for royalty free tracks. Most used by companies that need telephone hold music. Features easy navigation in .wav format. 
  • Incompetech – this site has lots of genre categories and all music are licensed according to Creative Commons regulations.
  • Premiumbeat – their name tells you what they do: provide the best, most exclusive and original music for users. Easy website interface, variable sound clips available on mp3 or .wav formats.
  • iStockaudio – has a vast collection of audio music and sound effects files in different categories from various artists. Has own credit platform to support purchases that do not use credit cards.
  • Getty Images – founded on and popular for its high quality stock photography, Getty has branched out to providing royalty free musical tracks. 

These are but a few, and there are actually more popular sources like YouTube or FMA, but we chose those that cater to on hold services firms. 

Getty Images Provides Great Music Samples

Don’t think generic or muzak when it comes to the best sources of musical tracks for your business phones. Good sources abound, especially in Australia, but the best ones are few although well-known. One of these is Getty Images, which not only features Getty’s  now classic photographic style. Their website also features videos and songs to go with your business.

It is easy to study musical choices through their site. We use Getty for its excellent royalty-free music. They give you a lot of leg-room for branding and creativity in any track you use for commercial purposes. Access to samples is done easily:

  1. Log on to Getty Images website.
  2. Find and click on the “Browse” button.
  3. On the dropdown menu, you will find “Music” below and click it on.
  4. This leads to Getty’s stock of royalty-free tracks

From there you can find themes or examples for your business, listen to favourite recordings, add to your shopping cart, or download music to listen to on your mp3 player. And, yes, you can create a Getty Images account for your business. Listening to your tracks example helps you understand the ambiance and positive emotional response it generates.

Choosing Background Music That Fits Your Voiceovers for Phone Messages

There are several things to consider when adding music as background to your phone messages or using on hold music:

  1. There is a right way of mixing voiceover and background sound, whether music or brand sound fx.  
  2. You should turn down your music’s sound volume in relevant instances, for example, when a voiceover comes on.
  3. Choose between a female or male voiceover to match the background. Here your branding or campaign features come into play again.
  4. There is a range of gadgets used for on hold messaging and music so it takes savvy to mix, match and integrate script and musical background for best results.
  5. Avoid repeating your messages. You can have something like Smart On Hold’s date-driven system to program automatic changes for messages or music. 
  6. An important thing to note is that royalty-free tracks only requires one fee for licensing, after which you can use them for as long as you want to, for whatever purpose.

Integrating Your Favourite Songs or Music Into Phone Messaging

This is where you need Smart On Hold’s services. In our work, music is an important essential for fashioning the best marketing messages, business greetings and phone music for client businesses.

Whether your business needs voicemail messages voicemail greetings, after hours messages, on hold messages, welcome messages, menu prompts, music on hold or voiceovers, we can help you integrate your favourite brand tracks on these. 

Royalty-free music doesn’t mean that the music is free; it merely means that you spend a one-time licensing fee and you can use the music however and whenever you want to, for infinity and beyond.

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