Voice over is a production technique where a voice that is not part of the production is used to speak a particular part. It is common in radio and TV commercials, movies, online videos, on hold messages and more.

Voice overs are important because they create a certain feel in the story – be it for short commercials or huge films. Voice overs deliver the hold messages intended for the target audience more clearly than just pure visuals.

The right voice can make all the difference when trying to create a successful commercial. The most important thing to remember when selecting a voice is that you are choosing a representative of your company.

In Australia, there are many different voice over talent agencies you can choose from. After researching, we have come up with five top sites for voice over talents. Check the list below:

5 Top Websites For Voice Over Talents For On Hold Messages

1. RMK Voices http://www.rmk.com.au/

RMK Voices

Home to Australia’s finest voice artists, actors and child talent, RMK Voice has been providing talents since 1978. They provide different voice talents from all ages – male, female and kids. You can easily browse through the website and listen to voice samples from different talents.

2. The Voice Realm http://www.thevoicerealm.com.au/

The Voice Realm

The Voice Realm offers talents with different accents and languages such as British English, American English, Australian English and Spanish. They provide the most professional and experienced voice talents in the business and voice recordings are done in their own broadcast-quality studio. Audio is yours to use forever with no recurring or royalty fees.

3. Media Sound http://www.voiceoversaustralia.com.au/

Media Sound

Media Sound is one of the largest and fastest growing audio production companies in Australia. Apart from voice overs for commercials, messages on hold and jingles, Media Sound also offers copywriting services. They cater to clients all over Australia, as well as New Zealand.

4. EM Voices http://www.emvoices.com.au/

EM Voices

EM Voices is one of Australia’s most successful voice over artists’ agencies. They offer a wide range of styles, ages, accents, characters and foreign languages. Voice overs from EM Voices can not only provide voices for advertising purposes but also for website presentations, corporate, multimedia, animation and computer games.

5. Voices.com http://www.voices.com/


Voices.com is the online marketplace that connects businesses with voice over talent. There is a wide range of categories available to choose from on their website, such as voice over talents for audiobooks, cartoons, documentaries, jingles, radio, video games and much more.

Voices.com not only offer professional voice talents but they hire amateur ones as well. Just create an account, submit samples to clients and get paid.

Being a voice over talent is not an easy job. If you are interested to being one rather than getting one, we highly recommend taking voice lessons to control your voice.

It is also important to take acting lesson because you can’t be seen, it is more difficult to use solely your voice; facial expressions or hand gestures can’t be used or heard. But remember, being a voice over talent can take you to greater heights.

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