Finally you have the offer, you’ve thought about it long and hard about it – now it’s time to get it out there. Messages On Hold can bring you more exposure without paying much. We know that SALES are what we all need in business; beating our competitors to get to the public first – with that amazing new offer of yours, that they just can’t say no to!

So your current, new offer, now needs to be put out into world and spread across your current and potential customers; to get the sales your business needs.

So exactly how are you going to take your special offer to Market? That’s a major decision … To help I’ve split the market into 3 media types – this should help you place your offer in the area that maximizes your budget and exposure most:

Provide Offer That Maximizes Exposure While In Budget

  1. Retail – In Store; are you are a retail business? If yes, then your quickest route to get your message out there is going to be in store! You can do this with signage, staff at the till, flyers or many other in store promos. Either way, customers are already in your store so you have a great chance of selling your offer to them, as they are returning customers.
  2. Online; an easy one to implement, get your website showing your current offer, talk about it in your store OR tell people to go to your website after they call – it’s what it’s there for!
  3. Telephone; this is the easiest and most cost effective way that you can tell people about your new offer for your business; and you can do it right now! Your On Hold Messages; we all know that no matter how busy you get, you’re going to place callers On Hold at some point! You already own this space, the most cost effective form of marketing that your business already has! It gets used daily and is so valuable! Small businesses can benefit from its low cost options, the speed it can be updated and new specials put in place – in comparison to other more expensive, slower to action, mass market Medias.

Messages On Hold Helps Offer Marketing Message

To sum it up, think about your marketing message, the media your market looks/listens to and WHO your market is; because if you don’t have all 3 of these correct – you’re never going to get the return that you want, no matter how much effort and money you sink into it.

In Summary – match your market, message and media to get the most out of your offer!