Our creative writers have been writing Message on Hold for our Smart on Hold Options clients for over a decade; so we know that they are pretty good at it. That’s why we have asked them for some tips and tricks to help understand what makes a good On Hold Message so that YOU know what your business should be promoting On Hold.

You can use these tips to write your own messages, or to make sure what is currently On Hold is right for your business. Just remember it’s your customers and potential customers that have to listen to them, not you.

3 Tips To Write Message On Hold That Get Results

Step One

Keep it simple … When people are On Hold they want something that is easy to digest, nothing too complex. So when you are deciding on a topic for a Message – they need to be kept simple and to the point! You don’t have long to have your say and get your information across while they are on the phone!

Statistic: the average person spends around 13 hours On Hold every year – so you want to get it right!

Step Two

Keep it clear … With the busy office environment that everyone works in these days, make sure that you use a clear Voice Over. Along with simple wording, sentencing and a simple call to action. You don’t people On Hold to tell you that it was distracting, hard to hear and just not what they wanted to be made to listen to when calling your business.

Step Three

Be easy to find … Mentioning a different phone number, website address or location? Make sure it’s kept simple, even repeated another time – as people are busy, and will sometimes not ask for it again. You want your On Hold Messages to be professional, easy to hear and easy to act upon the information being heard.

Your Messages On Hold are the best way to talk to your callers about what you do, where you are and what benefit your business has to them.

So with an average of 10-20 minutes a week spend on hold, 780 minutes per year leading to 43 days in a person’s life time being spent On Hold … You really want to make those 43 days count! Get your customers spending them listening to something that they can digest, make sense of.

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