What Is Click Call Service?

A huge survey from Google Think Insights with consumers who recently purchased items, showed some stunning results and proved why you need to ensure your telephone is your businesses best tool.

Some of the top results to make you think about your callers, your telephone and indeed your On Hold image are:

  • 70% of mobile searchers have used click to call to connect with a business directly from the search engine results page.
  • 69% would be most likely to call local business from the searches
  • The average call length from this search being 6 minutes … Just think how hearing quality, custom Messages On Hold can impress at this point of sale!

So now you can see that being “click to call” ready is important to a huge percentage of the market. Why not connect all of the dots …

How Do I Use Click To Call?

  • Get Your online presence sorted with “click to call”
  • Prepare your phone system to handle your calls from this valuable source
  • Get custom Messages On Hold that will plug this Marketing Channel in your business, today

Get yourself ready with On Hold Messages that will really get results. Avoid silence or ice cream truck music to greet your callers …

If you want to find out How to Plug the Gaping Hole in Your Sales System with a Fully Guaranteed Done for You Smart On Hold Messages Solution: Imagine This In Place, Customised For Your Company And Always Up To Date. Call (07) 3117 0700 today.

About Smart On Hold

Smart On Hold messages dramatically improves your professionalism allowing you to communicate with your callers, instantly creating credibility while keeping customers informed and reassured that dealing with you is the right decision. Call us now to maximise on your on hold phone space for business.