If you can think about the amount of time a caller is made to listen to your messages on hold, realising it can go up into a few minutes or longer. Even though most Staff and Directors are rushing to take the call, and have the “i must answer it in 3 rings” policy, it is rare that this happens all the time. During this period your business can broaden your marketing message with an entertaining advertisement, an opportunity to promote what your business does and who you are.

Planning a good on hold message script can be daunting, but there are a few tips on how to make this an easy process (if you dont have one of our packages that includes our experienced creative writer).

Messages On Hold: How To Ensure A Good Result

There are a few simple things we can let you in on, to make sure that your on hold gets you the results you want –

  1. Keep your opening welcome message light with a short word of thanking them for calling your business, this will help them know they are through to the right place as well.
  2. Don’t bombard your callers with a huge amount of information – keep it light and engaging.  If you can include just a few of your services or products or maybe a promotion, sale or upcoming event is a better way to highlight things to your callers.

The Script

Here are few ideas on topics that you can include in your messages on hold:

1. Recent awards won by your business.

2. Any relevant capabilities or qualifications that your customers want to know about

3. Attending any upcoming trade event or exhibitions

4. Direct your customers to your email, or  website to save them waiting on hold

5. Trading hours is always a good addition, especially if you are changing them for a holiday period.

Selecting A Voice Over To Suit Your Market

Here at Smart On Hold we have a range of male and female professional voice overs for your voicemail messages.  Turn your speakers on and tune in to view our range of female or male artists. Listen to voice samples here. We can help you to make a decision into what would suit your target market best, but if you know you want a male/female just let our team know.

This is a good way to fix your messages too; some of our customers use alternate, male and female, messages to keep it interesting on hold.

Caller Frequency

If your customers are places on hold frequently it would be worth getting your messages updated regularly; some people have the same ones for years! It’s a big issue with being outright messages, as you wont be reminded about updating them, causing this great marketing space to become outdated and not valued.

Smart on Hold’s most Popular Plan includes 8 message updates per annum. This will give your caller up to date information, without you having to do all the work. Our team call every 8-10 weeks to remind you of your updates in your package and we write and produce your new content for you.

Not sure if you would make 8 changes a year? You would be surprised, another option is to easily ask us to change your Voice Over or Music On Hold, this is included in our packages and can freshen up your on hold space instantly.

If you wish to get started with Smart On Hold or if you’re a current on hold customer of ours who just need to advise us of a change please Contact us our team will be happy to assist.

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