Vet clinics are busy places – as a result, callers are often placed on hold. The best way to make the most of your on hold space (and make sure your on hold customers receive the best on hold experience possible) is to create veterinary on hold messages for your business. Don’t make the mistake of having radio silence while your customers wait on hold!

What Are On Hold Messages?

On hold messages are recorded messages that play to your customers while they wait to speak to a member of your staff. When executed well, on hold messages are like having a great salesperson talking to your customers. Not only do on hold messages prevent your customers from growing bored or impatient while they wait on hold, but they inform and entertain them with information relevant to your business. Here are 3 tips for great veterinary on-hold messages:

Useful Company Information

One great use for the on hold space is to relay important company information to your callers. Examples of this information includes:

  • Office hours
  • Company history
  • Emergency contact details
  • Information about your services (including additional services you provide – if applicable – like bathing, nail clipping or grooming)
  • Awards and accolades your company has received
  • Social media account information
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers
  • New technologies or treatments that you have available

Advertise Specials

The on hold space is also a great place to market your products and treat your callers to exclusive specials. These specials can include discounts or free products and services. Think of them as a reward for the patience of your callers!

Offer Veterinary Health Tips

The on hold space is a great opportunity for you to provide your customers with pet-related health tips. For example, you can:

  • Reinforce the importance of regular vet examinations
  • Provide information about common illnesses and allergies
  • Inform callers of seasonal health problems (like excessive heat exposure in summer, digestive issues in Holiday periods, increased allergies in Spring)
  • Promote medications for common health problems like worms, fleas, digestive issues and infections
  • List early signs of common ailments

You can also intersperse this information with fun animal trivia.

Smart On Hold Messages

Need veterinary on-hold messages? We can create customised on hold messages that enhance your image, create a comforting on hold environment and educate your patients about your veterinary products and services.

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