An auto attendant (also know as an AA, Answering attendant, digital receptionist, virtual receptionist, IVR or Interactive Voice Response system) – is a telephone voice menu system that allows callers to be transferred to necessary staff members or departments without the need of an operator or receptionist.

Auto attendant messages should be professional, studio-quality and tailored for the needs of businesses. They can be combined with customised transfer sounds and on hold messages or on hold music to provide the best customer experience possible.

The basic steps of a phone call with an auto attendant are:

  1. A caller dials a business line
  2. The phone is answered by an auto attendant
  3. The caller is presented with custom automated menu options that direct them to the right department/staff member or self help option
  4. The caller chooses a menu option and is transferred automatically without human interaction and associated human costs.

What Are The Benefits Of An Auto Attendant?

Automated attendants provide a range of benefits. Just a few of these include:

1. Traffic Handling

IVR is all about streamlining your services. When customers phone a business, they want to reach the right department (and get the right answers) as quickly as possible. IVR systems are highly efficient and cost-effective. They can handle hundreds of calls at a time, and they can be configured to allow callers to help themselves, leave messages or request callbacks if they don’t want to wait on hold.

If your business receives numerous calls every day, an auto attendant is the best solution for keeping your customers happy and providing the most efficient service possible.

2. Professional Service

According to Fonolo, 90% of consumers now expect a brand or organisation to offer a self-service customer support portal – and 60% of consumers view a brand with a self-service option more favourably than one that doesn’t. Automated attendants allow you to effortlessly provide a consistent, professional and polished image to every caller – don’t underestimate how much this can increase customer satisfaction.

3. Efficient & Cost-Effective

IVR (when done well) is a major time saver for callers and employees. IVR is also highly cost-effective. According to Forrester Consulting, chatting with a live receptionist can cost as much as $6-12 per chat. IVR interactions, on the other hand, can cost as little as 25 cents.

Want An Auto Attendant? Contact Smart On Hold

Automated attendants operate within existing phone systems. Although the process is relatively simple, we often receive enquiries from customers who have unsatisfactory explanations from IVR technicians. This is where we can come in and bridge the gap.

We can help you to determine the right IVR system for your business, select and direct the right technicians. We can also provide you with high quality, personalised auto attendant recordings as well as on hold music and messages. If you want a professional IVR system up and running ASAP, get in touch today.