In business we all know that you need to know who your “avatar” or target audience is, this is then what you use and aim all of your marketing at. I have a prime example of how this has happened to myself, turning a regular letter into something quite special …

When I was checking my mail box, expecting to see nothing but the usual bills, I spotted a letter to a Master Rosco … This is my cat! This was the only mail I had received in days, and stood out in my range of bills, making me want to open it first. Intrigued, who is sending a letter to a cat?

Well when I opened it …

“Dear Rosco, we thought we might ask for your help to remind your pet parent you are overdue for a health check. We understand life gets so busy with constant trips to the food bowl and getting lots of cuddles … “

This went on into a letter basically overcoming me with guilt into not letting my little friend and member of the family, get sick.

My first thought was oh, more money on the cat. Then I thought well I don’t want him to get sick – placing fear and guilt into my emotions straight away. But then I put my business brain on and realised this was a brilliant piece of marketing! They were using a few key things …

My fear and frustration … I don’t want my little cat to get sick, I would feel guilty if this happened.

My Emotions … pulling at the heart strings by talking to my cat rather than a standard, “come spend money on a health check”, but more let your pet parent know that you need a health check; was my cat unhealthy or sick? I would need to get him into his health check now.

A little humour … With a few key phrases and addressing the letter to “Master Rosco” rather than myself, I was more intrigued and opened it before anything else. This must have sent the opening rate through the roof – surely! I opened it quicker than my other letters, and this one was still asking for my money.

A few key points to pull out from this direct mail …

It is important to know WHO is your audience!

Who are your target audience?

What could you do to increase the open rate in your direct mail or other interactions with your prospective clients?

Summing up, you need to work out your Avatar, know your market and speak in their language. We have applied this to our Messages On Hold marketing, or trying out new campaigns using it. On Hold Messages, we found, work excellently with these parameters. The results will speak for themselves. For more details, you can talk to us today.