On hold messages can build customer loyalty when you use the right marketing message. Before we indulge you in how to earn customers loyalty through messages on hold. Listen to this.

We have all been offered loyalty cards and schemes for many years. With ways to gain points to spend in store, vouchers and other “loyalty” offers pushed in our faces at many businesses.

In late 2013 MAP reported that almost 96% of consumers would be tempted to switch their loyalties to a competitor by a good price promotion. This statistic confirms that you cannot buy a customer’s loyalty to your brand, as once shown something new and shiny they will inevitably leave.

Customers Brand Loyalty

So with brand loyalty becoming less and less, we have started to become aware how important it is to treat a customer right, providing them an experience that far outweighs a competitor’s point program! Are you offering your clients a good level of customer service?

If not, why not?

Because with the high percentage of clients willing to change based on a promotion from another competitor, we need to think outside the box and make each and every customer feel special.

How Can You Earn Your Customers Loyalty To Your Brand?

One of the most important things is to do what you say you are going to do. If you promise your customers the world to get the sale across the line, but then don’t deliver 100% plus, then you can wave goodbye to repeat customers!

And trust me you wouldn’t want this to happen. Remember how much more cost effective it is to retain a current customer than it is to gain new ones? (They are up to 7 times less expensive than marketing to new customers each time).

Therefore, if you can deliver above and beyond to your customers’ expectations of your product or service, then your chance of loyalty and repeat custom are going to be increased dramatically! And so, the key to customer loyalty is not to buy them with vouchers or points, because as soon as a competitor comes up with a better deal they will soon be gone.

Instead you need to care for your customers, protect them from your competitors, with great customer service. Making a customer feel special is what is missing from the fast paced world of today. With loyalty being at an all-time low, don’t concentrate on price to get your customer, guarantee them an experience that they will not want to miss!

Professional On Hold Messages For Your Business

Creatively scripted and recorded on-hold messaging is the only sales tool your customers will ever mistake for an excellent customer service. Messages on hold are a vital connecting point for any business.

A national study published by North American Telecommunications Association reports that phone callers with music on hold will stay on the line 30 seconds longer than with only silence.

This is because typically, many customers still prefer to call before making a final decision to do business with you – and that’s where messages on hold becomes really handy.

Phone answering message play a vital role by informing and entertaining callers until you can answer the call. A well crafted on-hold messaging will keep your customers engaged and on the line up to three minutes longer in most cases.