In previous articles, we have already discussed the rewards and importance of integrating messages on hold solutions in business, especially in marketing campaigns. Contrary to popular belief that it’s merely a time killer, an on hold message can also function as a tool to retain callers long enough for somebody to take their call, reducing your rate of hang ups. In the long run, using this advertising funnel helps you.

  • improve customer experience.
  • talk about special promotions.
  • build product awareness.
  • increase sales.
  • encourage customers to take action.
  • cross-sell services and products.
  • establish a sense of professionalism.

By being able to do these tasks, you can widen your market reach, as well as boost your market authority and corporate culture. The good news is: This method is applicable for all companies, regardless of the type of product they’re selling or the industry they’re operating in.

5 Business Industry Ideal For Messages On Hold

The following market industries, for instance, have been using on hold messaging in different ways; yet still generate more or less the same results, which include higher sales, better customer interaction and more established brands:

1. Retail Industry

Retail companies will have more to be thankful for if they integrate on hold messaging in their sales strategy. That’s because many people today call a store first to make sure the product they intend to buy is in stock. Other calls usually include frequently asked questions such as a store’s opening hours. These calls can still be considered profitable opportunities even if there’s no one available to answer the call. All entrepreneurs need to do is design on hold messages that will answer common concerns and frequently asked questions. Specifically, these may include:

  • product availability
  • upcoming sale periods
  • opening hours
  • sales pitches for high margin products
  • discounted signature brands
  • social media promotions
  • special events

With these details, you can up your customers’ awareness of your brand and sell more items.

2. Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Restaurants, hotels and resorts can also use on hold messaging to attract more visitors. For these industries, customer calls are usually about making a reservation, inquiring about rates, and asking about hotel location and facilities. To create a good impression and get more bookings, business owners operating in this type of industry can use an on hold message to do the following:

  • redirect callers to their website where engaging pictures and other travel-related information are available 24/7
  • inform customers about the festivities and upcoming social events of the place
  • talk about popular attractions
  • Introduce deals, additional services and other travel packages (e.g. outdoor adventures, water sports activities, discounted theme park tickets etc.)
  • give useful travel information such as weather details, transportation tips and location of the hotel.

If you use your on hold messages in the right way, you can inform and excite potential customers and tourists about your resort, hotel or restaurant – this may even result in add on sales during their stay or additional family members or friends joining their vacation.

3. Auto Repair And Dealership Sector

Car dealers and repair shops can also use on hold messages to increase their sales and service to customers. Specifically, they can:

  • advertise new models
  • promote additional services such as overhauling, changing auto parts and repainting
  • finance options
  • lease offers
  • showroom locations and directions,
  • service and store hours
  • car or model availability
  • FAQs on car problems such as faulty engines, alternator faults, start motor, fuel problems and more
  • road safety tips

Buying a vehicle is a huge financial decision to make and maintain a vehicle is imperative for every car owner. By playing on hold messages that can help callers make the right buying decisions and take care of their road vehicles effectively, you’ll be able to build your reputation as a reliable car dealer and repair expert.

4. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Call Centre Industry

On hold messaging also proves to be a valuable part of relationship and reputation building initiatives for companies in the call centre and BPO sectors. Many companies in these industries can attest to the use of phone messaging in achieving the following goals:

  • entertain callers to prevent them from getting too irritated and bored when waiting for an agent to pick up their call
  • advertise services and products that are on sale
  • avoid silence and reduce the number of callers hanging up
  • establish an image of reliability and professionalism

With these strategies, call centres and BPO companies will be able to handle clients more effectively and this feature will help with the branding and overall image of the company.

5. Financial Service Providers and Agencies

Financial products and service providers can also leverage on hold messages to raise the caller’s awareness about money and how to use it right. Apart from pitching in their services and products, they can also help callers achieve their financial goals and secure a better future. It may be practical to include the following in their messages:

  • background on different investments
  • tips on how to budget your income
  • guides on how to start a business
  • trivia about insurance types
  • FAQs on different financial products such as bonds, mutual funds and stocks
  • inform callers on the latest tax system updates and how it affects financial products

Money is an important part of daily life. So it is but right for financial service providers to educate people on matters concerning money, even through on hold messages.

On Hold Messaging For Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Integrating on hold messaging into your overall marketing strategy is certainly a profit-enhancing move, knowing this can generate sales on its own. The most important thing to remember, though, is to include relevant and useful content in your messages.

What’s best about this is the idea that it can be used across different companies and industries. Entrepreneurs must consider their business needs before finding the right on hold messaging vendor. They should also know how to put calls on hold professionally to prevent customers from hanging up.