Getting your message & music on hold phone system sorted is a great idea, but first you need to make sure that your phone system is the right one for your business. We have had a few customers ask Smart On Hold about telephone systems and whether they need to get a new one when getting the NBN installed for their business.

To help, we received some expert advice from the team at Candour Communications. Candour Communications has been providing a full suite of telecommunication solutions to businesses since 2005. We work and trust Candour as one of our preferred technicians for a number of our clients all over Australia. Principal and Owner Brenard Roach has over 30 years experience in the ICT industry, so we know that our clients and ourselves are working with a company we know we can trust.

Here’s what Bernie has to say about the NBN and whether your business needs a new phone system to be able to benefit from it:

A while ago we published that many, if not most, business phones systems do not need to be replaced because the National Broadband Network (NBN) is coming to their area. We wrote this in response to many of our clients who had received calls from unscrupulous sales people saying that their Business Phone System is not compatible with the new network. Or even that it will cease to work once copper services have been cut. 

It appears that the message is not getting out. It has come to our attention that many businesses are taking the advice of big name service providers to upgrade or replace their phone systems and therefore paying for new systems they just do not need. Some of these service providers are spending $millions on advertising at the moment to take full advantage of this situation.

A quick check with a reputable provider like Candour Communications and business owners will soon find if their current business phone systems were in fact NBN compatible.

The misconception, taken advantage of these less-reputable service providers, is that only Business IP Phone Systems are upgradable to the NBN, and that ISDN and PSTN phone systems are not.  All you will need is an ATA (Analogue Telephone Adaptor), and your system will be NBN-ready.

An ATA will set you back a couple of hundred bucks, not the thousands that you would be forking out for a new system.”

So in summary, you do not necessarily need a new business phone system because of NBN. You must also be cautious of unscrupulous businesses persuading you otherwise. If you do have any further questions about your phone system, please do contact the team at Candour Communications.

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