Messages On Hold Service

Looking for on hold messages that are effective and affordable? Through our on hold messaging service, we will be able to help you increase enquiries and boost your brand perception – all while your customer is waiting on hold.

Having worked with numerous satisfied customers for many years, we’ve found that through the use of our on hold messaging service, businesses are able to let the consumer know more information about who they are and what they’re offering; this in turn has lead to an increase in interest in the various other services they offer, and ultimately, more sales.

We can slash the number of people who hang up while they’re waiting to talk to your staff, all through our highly targeted On Hold Messages! Depending on your needs, our messages can be thorough and informative, letting the customer know of things such as:

  • Services the customer might not know you offer
  • New locations – let the customer know if you have moved to a new location
  • Specials/Sales – promote new specials and seasonal sales you are offering
  • New products – promote a new product you are selling

Our on hold messages for business packages start from as low as $9.97 a week! We have professionals voiceovers that can compose a collection of on hold messages that can engage the customer, an effective phone marketing at affordable price. 

We also provide music on hold, voicemail message, welcome messages, voicemail greetings, after hour message, menu prompts, and auto attendant. Where you can choose from a library filled with royalty free music with multiple genres of music to suit your target market.

If you are interested to check our message on hold samples click here. 

We’ve been the leading name for on hold messaging services since 2003. We can provide on hold music & on hold message system, that are informative, engaging and can be beneficial to your customer and your business. 

We provide messages on hold services everywhere in Australia. Whether you’re in Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Mackay, Sunshine Coast, Logan, we’re here to help you. Please contact us for more information about our phone answering service

Smart On Hold is always here to help, contact us at 07 3117 0700 for on hold message or on hold music for business