Google’s Micro-Moments Marketing Strategy: What You Should Know?

micro moment marketing strategy

According to Google, thanks to the prevalence of mobile browsing, people are now living in ‘micro-moments’. Which is why micro-moments marketing strategy becomes a trend today. This means they are reflexively turning to their devices (usually their smartphones) to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something or buy something. …

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3 Marketing Mistakes To Watch For This Holiday Season

Christmas/holiday marketing tips

Is your holiday marketing up to scratch? It’s the start of the final quarter of the year and before you know it, holiday season will be knocking at your door and stores will have their holiday displays in full force. First it’s the pumpkins and scary decorations for Halloween and just before we recover from …

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5 Common Marketing Mistakes That Could Cost Your Business

Marketing Tips: How to Avoid Marketing Mistakes

Marketing is a crucial aspect of your business strategy. If you want to boost sales, gain customers and grow brand awareness, a well thought out marketing strategy is a must and learn marketing mistakes to avoid doing it in your business. Unfortunately, even with extensive planning, It’s all too easy to get marketing wrong. So, …

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How Does Your Online Reputation Help Your Business?

How does your online reputation help OR hinder your business?

Here at Smart On Hold we know that the reputation of a business along with word of mouth and how people and your potential customers see you are the most important campaigns of all. Word of mouth … This used to happen in person, when people caught up with friends after having a good experience (or a …

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How To Build Good Online Reputation For Your Business?

online reputation

We all know that shopping online has become the easy solution to suit everyone’s busy day to day lives. How is your business making sure that it has a piece of this ever growing pie? NAB Online Retail Sales Index reports that “Online retail sales increase 12.4% to $19.3 Billion in March 2016” even though this is …

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Need To Save Money In Business? Then You Don’t Want To Do This

phone marketing

What’s the first thing a business does when they need to save money? We all know it … Cut their marketing budget! BAD IDEA. Marketing is the biggest influencer on your business and often the easiest one for people to cut not realising that through Marketing you get your leads, which turn into your customers. …

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How Follow Up Calls Can Increase Sales & Boost Your Income

Follow up is key … How do your sales measure up?

Sales, we all want them and how exciting it is when leads start coming into your business, after your Marketing finally begins to pay off, as you have mastered it. But now the real work begins … Your Follow up and closing sales! Closing is something a lot of people have trouble with and we …

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Who Is Your Target Market?

target market

It’s hard, but it’s the most important thing a company can achieve: aligning their media and messages to hit their target market or customers. Not sure where to start? Well, you should work out the following; Target Market: who is your ideal customer, work out this and then you can work out the others. Are …

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