Starting A Small Business? The Tools You Need To Succeed

small business tips and tools

Starting your own business can be not only challenging but also downright scary. It won’t all be smooth sailing, especially in the early days. I don’t want to scare you off, trust me, it’s worth it to do something that excites you. It definitely helps to be doing something that you love because that passion …

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How Not Paying Attention To Detail Could Cost You & Your Business

How Not Paying Attention To Detail Could Cost You & Your Business…

Attention to detail is a key tool within any organisation! Here at Smart On Hold we strive to always pay great attention to detail – so much so that we guarantee it! Can you guarantee such things in your business? If not … Maybe these few pointers can help you and your business to do such …

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How To Get Your Business Ready During Christmas Season?

Christmas can get crazy – is your business ready

Is Your Business Ready For Christmas? Yes that’s right its almost that time again, the silly season is in full swing!  It’s when you are at your most busy and your customers usually require the most interaction and care too. How are you making sure your customers know about your seasonal shut downs, seasonal offers …

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How To Keep It Fresh With Music On Hold

music on hold

According to Billy Joel “Music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music” Music has the ability to influence people’s thinking, mood and understanding that has a positive effect on people without them noticing it. In the …

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Humour in your On Hold – It’s a Serious Business, No joke!

Humour in your On Hold Messages

  We all know that laughing feels good, but could it also be good when you incorporate it in your On hold messages? The key to building customer relationships and brand loyalty is meaningful interaction. Meaningful interaction that happens when those involved have a mutually significant influence upon each other or have mutually engaged in …

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How Smart On Hold Helped Businesses Through Custom Messages On Hold

custom messages on hold

The Story Of Captain SOHO And His Adventures To Rescue Business Owners The State of the Nation’s On Hold was in the hands of some master criminals. Unknown to everyone, evil is lurking behind the businesses phone system called THE SILENCE. This criminal has put the phone system into chaos and someone needed to do …

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Is Your Telephone System Ready For “Click To Call”?

click to call

What Is Click Call Service? A huge survey from Google Think Insights with consumers who recently purchased items, showed some stunning results and proved why you need to ensure your telephone is your businesses best tool. Some of the top results to make you think about your callers, your telephone and indeed your On Hold …

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How Do You Earn Your Customers Loyalty?

On hold messages

On hold messages can build customer loyalty when you use the right marketing message. Before we indulge you in how to earn customers loyalty through messages on hold. Listen to this. We have all been offered loyalty cards and schemes for many years. With ways to gain points to spend in store, vouchers and other …

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